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Unrecognized Infection After "Routine" Hernia Surgery Leads to Sepsis & Death

Gerry Oginski
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NY Medical Malpractice & Personal Injury Trial Lawyer

She was told it was going to be a routine hernia repair. She would be in and out the same day.

During surgery the patient's bowel was accidentally punctured. The good thing is that the surgeon recognized that there was an injury during surgery and then went ahead and tried to fix it. Over the next two days, the patient's condition deteriorated.

No one could understand why her blood pressure was dropping. She looked sicker and sicker with each passing day and her kidney function was deteriorating as well.

Finally, another surgeon took the patient to the operating room to open her belly to find out what was happening. What he found was disturbing.

Because of the massive unrecognized infection known as sepsis, this patient deteriorated until she died hours after her second surgery.

Watch the video to learn what the surgeon found inside her belly during her second surgery. It's remarkable.