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Gerry Oginski is a medical malpractice and injury attorney practicing law in the State of New York. He created this informative and interesting website to give readers information they need to know before ever picking up the phone to speak to an attorney. Consumers searching on the web need information relevant to their questions. If they don't find what they're looking for, they'll quickly go elsewhere.

On my site I've included more than five hundred frequently asked questions. I have written free special reports and articles from "How to choose a NY Medical Malpractice attorney" to "Ten reasons why most malpractice victims won't recover a dime," and many more.

I have hundreds of free instructional video tips that explain how injury and malpractice cases work in the State of New York. People searching for answers crave this information. I've put actual deposition testimony of doctors who have been sued, here on my website. It's fascinating reading. Legal news, our free monthly newsletters, verdicts and settlements also appear on our site.

The entire purpose of my site is to give you, the reader, information that you need to make an informed choice about attorneys and how the legal process works. In my opinion, being an informed consumer is the only way to make intelligent choices about what you need to do to solve your legal problems. To learn even more, I have four very informative and educational books that help you understand how cases work. They're free and available for immediate download. Order yours right now. Click on the right side of the page to get your free books.

Good luck in your search, and call me with any questions you have.

Best regards,