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How much can I sue for?


A: The short and unrealistic answer is anything. The reality is that you can sue to obtain compensation for your past pain and suffering, your future pain and suffering, and economic losses including health and medical expenses, (funeral expenses, if any), lost income, future loss of income, loss of services of a spouse, money to pay for specialized medical and educational services and schooling. In a negligence case (car accident, slip & fall, dog bite case, etc.) we are permitted to put a number down to claim an amount you are suing for. Typically, this number is unrealistic. However, if you don't ask for more than your injuries are worth, you will never be able to obtain the true value of your injuries. In a malpractice case in New York State, we are not permitted to list a particular number that you are seeking. That number is supposed to be determined by a jury after a jury trial.