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I don't understand why you rejected my case. Can you re-evaluate my case again?


A: The main reason why I will reject a case is that it does not meet the strict criteria needed to bring a successful and meritorious lawsuit. There may be other reasons as well, and I will usually describe them in detail in my letter to you explaining why I cannot accept your case. Please remember that a great deal of time and effort have gone into evaluating whether you have a valid case. I have obtained medical records, x-rays, CAT scans (and any other diagnostic tests you've had). I've reviewed all of your records in detail myself. In addition, I have had an expert review all of your medical records. If my expert has given me the 'thumbs down', I have no choice but to advise you of that fact and to explain your options and alternatives in the letter I send to you. In all likelihood, I will call you to discuss my expert's opinion before I send you a letter rejecting your case. Importantly, not every instance of wrongdoing can be considered to be malpractice. Also, not every instance of malpractice rises to the level of significant injury requiring an experienced attorney to handle your case. If I have rejected a case, I will be unable to re-evaluate your records again. You will need to seek another legal opinion as soon as possible.