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I was in a car accident in New York and was in the hospital for three weeks. My medical bills are over $100,000. Why doesn't No-fault pay more than $50,000 in medical bills?


A: No-fault pays a maximum of $50,000 for your medical bills. After that, your health insurance company should pick up the remainder. If you do not have health insurance you should ask about obtaining emergency Medicaid. If your health insurance company or Medicaid pays for your medical bills do not be surprised when you start your lawsuit if they are demanding to be repaid. This is known as a 'lien' against the proceeds of your lawsuit. Once you obtain a settlement or a judgment, your attorney will have to negotiate with your insurance company or medicaid to try and reduce the amount of money that they are seeking to be repaid. Once the amount is agreed upon, your attorney will have to write a check- directly from your settlement proceeds- to your insurance company or medicaid. Just make sure you get a "Satisfaction of lien" confirmation from them, so that years later they don't send you a letter saying you still owe them money.