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If I start a lawsuit for my injuries, why do I have to give personal information to my attorney?


A: When you bring a lawsuit for your injuries, the law is clear. Your injuries and your medical condition become an open book. Not only will your attorney want to know whether you've had any similar injuries in the past, but so will the defense attorneys. Any embarrassing medical condition should be handled in a non-threatening, professional manner. If that condition was unrelated to your current injuries, it shouldn't be an issue. But you must be honest with your attorney. Let your attorney know of any potential problems with any medical care you've had. This way the attorney can develop a strategy to work around these dilemas and issues. The last thing you want to do is to hide things like this from your own lawyer. You can bet that the defense attorneys will learn about the condition through a process called discovery, and you definitely do not want your attorney to be surprised at your deposition when he hears about it for the first time.