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My attorney scheduled my deposition but it keeps getting pushed back every time the date approaches. Is this normal?



In some cases, yes.

Remember, a deposition is a question and answer session that takes place in your lawyers' office.

Specifically, in his conference room.

There's no judge present.

There's no jury present.

The answers that you give carry the same exact weight as if you are testifying at trial.

All the questions you are asked and all the answers you give are then transcribed into a booklet called a transcript.

That transcript can and will be used against you later down the road at trial.

To get the attorneys and you in the office on a particular day may be challenging.

Each attorney has their own schedule.

You may be working.

You may have doctor's appointments.

There could be many reasons why one day is good for one attorney but another day is not.

Believe it or not, attorneys are required to cooperate with each other to work out a mutually agreeable date and time for your deposition.

By the way, this 'deposition' is also known as an examination before trial.

It's all considered pretrial testimony.

Given under oath.

Your lawyer wants to push your case forward.

Not much happens on your case unless your deposition proceeds.

If your question and answer session gets delayed to another day, that means he cannot question the people you have sued.

The defense lawyers will not bring in their witnesses to testify until you have testified first.

Is this normal?

Yes it is.

To learn the very first question I ask a doctor during his medical malpractice deposition, I invite you to watch the quick video below...