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What are your fees to handle an injury case?


A: Take a look at any of my free reports on this site. I discuss them in detail. The bottom line is that in any injury case that I handle, the expenses that my firm has laid out during the course of the litigation comes back to us off the top. Of that remaining amount, the attorney's fee is calculated. In a medical malpractice action, the attorney's fee is less than in a standard 'negligence' action. In a negligence case, the attorney's fee is 1/3 of the remaining amount. The client receives the remaining 2/3, minus any liens they have to pay to a health care provider or insurance company. In a medical malpractice matter, the lawyers fee is set by law in the form of a sliding scale. It only starts out at 30%, then 25%, then 20%, etc., depending upon how much money we are able to obtain for you. Check out our sample retainers on this site under the documents section and see exactly what the sliding scale is.