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Why do Some Lawyers Report About Accidents In the News?


A:  There are two reasons for doing this.

1. The first might be to gain the attention of the person or family who was involved in an accident in the geographic area where the attorney has his or her office. It might be a way to alert that individual to things they should know. In New York lawyers are not permitted to solicit potential clients.

That means that a lawyer cannot go to the home of an injured victim, knock on the door and ask if they need a lawyer to represent them in their accident or medical malpractice case or wrongful death matter.

On the other hand, it is possible to teach and educate injured victims by providing useful content and information online about how lawsuits work in the state of New York. If an injured victim were to go online to search for information, or specifically to look for an attorney, once the victim raises his hand to ask questions or for more information, then the attorney can engage that person in a discussion asking how they can help.

2. The second reason would be to teach and educate viewers who have questions about those types of cases.

For example, say you were involved in a car accident and suffered a fractured femur. Now the attorney can explain to you what happens at trial during cross examination of a witness. Some attorneys will educate and comment on news stories and then take the time to explain different aspects of the legal process in a case like that.

There are some lawyers who take the time to teach and educate about how the lawsuit process works. Those attorneys tend to provide more  content and information about the legal process. This gives you an education and allows you the ability to make an educated decision about what you should do next.