Darren Miller is a 50 year old resident of Granite City, Illinois. Mr. Miller was diagnosed a few months ago with an incurable, inoperable lung and pericardial heart sac cancer.  

Mr. Miller asserts that he has cured his cancer with a steady diet of cannabis oil coupled with chemotherapy.

Mr. Miller has been given a clean bill of health just months after being handed a death sentence.

Across the internet there are thousands of testimonies of people that have been doing this and that is has been going on for years.

After he was diagnosed on his 50th birthday, Mr. Miller began desperately looking for a cure beyond chemotherapy. Chemotherapy left him with blisters on his mouth, both hands and feet.

After the diagnosis, Mr. Miller and his wife moved to California where he became a legal resident. It was at that point that he started using cannabis oil and learned how to produce it himself.

Mr. Miller’s wife also left her job so that he would qualify for medical assistance.

Since being given a clean bill of health, Mr. Miller has moved back to Illinois. Mr. Miller is now running a compassionate cannabis program to help other who find themselves in the same situation he was in.

The goal of this program is to make small amounts to keep it around and educate others on how to do his. According to Mr. Miller, if someone has access to any kind of cannabis, he can make links to his website available to show how to do this in a personal kitchen and save lives.

Mr. Miller is aware that his medical records will be interpreted differently by people everywhere but he welcomes this scrutiny in order to further knowledge and research in his miracle recovery due to cannabis oil and chemotherapy. 

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