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Testimonials: Find Out What these Injured People Had to Say About NY Medical Malpractice Lawyer Gerry Oginski and How He Was Able to Help Them

The word 'testimonial' is a word used to describe someone giving testimony and swearing to tell the truth.

In today's usage, when someone is giving a testimonial, it's usually to describe their feelings and thoughts about someone's product or service.

When considering hiring an attorney, why is it important to find out if he's had satisified or unsatisfied clients?


We, as consumers want to learn from other people who have used that exact service or product before we choose to use it.

Just look at Amazon.com.

Tons of reviews from people who have bought and used a product.

We want to know what others' have experienced with a product you want to buy, especially a big ticket item.

Research has repeatedly shown that consumers are much more affected with their purchasing choices by consumers who are giving real opinions and thoughts compared to what the manufacturer or owner puts out for public consumption.

Testimonials are powerful.

Now lets chat briefly about testimonials for attorneys...

Did you know that in New York a lawyer is NOT allowed to put an EXISTING client's testimonial on their website?

It's true.

The only type of testimonial we are allowed to show you is from clients whose cases have finished.

We must also warn you that "Past results do not guarantee what an attorney can accomplish for you."

Why do I put that disclaimer in there?

Because there are no guarantees. Ever.

No matter what you think of your case.

No matter what an expert thinks of your case.

No matter what some other friend or family member thinks.

A lawyer can never promise to get you a certain result. Ever.

A testimonial by a former client who says their lawyer was the best lawyer in the world, does not mean that they are the best lawyer for YOU.

Nor does it mean they are right for your particular case.

Nor does it mean their lawyer can get the same type of result for YOU.

Having said that, a testimonial is a wonderful way of having a former client tell the world about how wonderful you are.

It's humbling when your client wants to tell everyone what a great job you did and why you were so great.

Credibility is the key.

That's why, when looking at testimonials, see if the lawyer includes the client's full name, their town and state.

This way, you'll know if they're real.

Also, does the lawyer include a photo, audio clip or video of the person giving the testimonial?

If not, ask yourself "Why not?"

But, I have a secret to share with you...

It's a secret I've been hesitant to share here on this page.

Before I do that, I want to share this testimonial from a grateful client. You'll understand why he's not on camera shortly. 

Take a look...

Wasn't that a cool testimonial?

It was a heartfelt message that Arthur sent me and I wanted to share it here with you.

I was thrilled that I was able to help him transform his life.

Every day, injured patients call me asking for my help.

They thank me before I've even met them.

They thank me for educating them.

They thank me for my educational videos on my website and on YouTube.

They thank me for my free books. 

For my articles.

For my free reports.

They thank me for chatting with them, even if I can't help them.

They thank me for explaining how the legal process works here in New York.

They don't understand why other attorneys are not as helpful.

They don't understand why other attorneys haven't created all these free books.

I have four books designed just for injured consumers.

They don't understand why other attorneys haven't created even a fraction of the number of videos I've created to help injured patients and consumers understand the legal process here in NY.

I will tell you that every one of my clients has thanked me profusely for helping them...even the ones we were not successful with.

Yes, it's true...even the ones we were not successful with.

You'd be hard pressed to find any other attorney in New York tell you about the cases they've lost. (Hopefully it's few and far between). But the reality is that every good lawyer has lost a case now and then. If they haven't, then they haven't tried many cases.

Why then are most attorneys in NY afraid to talk about those cases on their website or in their marketing messages?

I think it's fear.

I think they think that clients will think they're not a good attorney. (How's that for a tongue twister!)

Hugs and beautfiul thank you cards say it all.

But in your search for the right attorney, you want to read the reviews on Google+ or Yelp.

You've trusted those websites before.

They were spot on before.

Now you're looking at an attorney's Google+ reviews and wonder why there's only a few or maybe even none!

Now you're getting worried.

Now you're beginning to think maybe all is not well.

Your first thought might be "Why aren't there more testimonials by satisfied clients?"

Is it because he doesn't have satisfied clients?

Is it because he doesn't have a system of capturing a clients' glowing and grateful testimonies?

Or is it that his clients simply are afraid and worried about leaving a testimonial?

This last possibility foreshadows a problem most medical malpractice lawyers, criminal defense lawyers and DUI lawyers face daily.

Let me give you a great example...

Imagine you are arrested and convicted of driving while intoxicated.

You don't want anyone in your town to know.

You don't want your family to know.

You don't want your boss to know...it could destroy you professionally.

Assume that your attorney did a great job for you and you walk away with little or no jail time.

Imagine this testimonial...

"Hi, I'm Jim Bob and I got pulled over for DUI last year. Sure I'd had a few drinks after work...I mean, who hasn't, right? Anyway, while leaving the bar, I get pulled over for erratic driving. The cop said I was weaving back and forth and hit a few parked cars. I didn't remember that part but I do remember blowing into some machine. Next thing I know, I'm in handcuffs and being read my rights to remain silent. The next thing I remember is the judge telling me I was guilty of DUI. He was about ready to sentence me to a few years in jail when my lawyer begs and pleads for no jail time. I don't know what he did, but man is he good. If you get drunk and pulled over in this state, you need to call 'MYDrunkLawyer' to get you out of jail. He did it for me, I know he can do it for you."

The attorney then posts that quote on his website and the client leaves a similar review on Google+ and Yelp. 

Yeah right. 

Keep dreaming.

It's not going to happen.

Same thing if you were charged with a serious crime.

Do you really want your friends, family and co-workers to know?

Not a chance.

That's the problem with medical malpractice victims too.

They don't want their friends and family to know they've brought a lawsuit.

They don't want their friends and family to know they were successful and came into a great deal of money as a form of compensation for all the injuries they suffered.

They don't want people popping out of the woodwork seeking handouts and loans knowing that you can now afford to give them some money.

If they now give a testimonial for their attorney, who they truly believe was excellent in achieving this result, they will have to give their full name, the town and State they live in so the attorney can use that information to show other potential consumers that your testimonial is real and truthful.

Medical malpractice victims don't want to publicize their successful result.

They often want to resume their lives without any publicity or being in the spotlight.

Almost all of them are reluctant, in fact highly reluctant to give testimonials.

Every client I ask for a written or video testimonial tells me the same thing.

"Mr. Oginski, I loved you as my lawyer. You did a great job. I am so thankful, but I cannot give you a testimonial. I don't want my family to know. I don't want my co-workers to know. I don't want my friends and neighbors to know."

Clients that now live out of state tend to be more willing to give testimonials. There's less fear associated with being out-of-state and telling the world how your legal services help transform their lives.

The fact is I only represent people who suffered injury here in New York.

I cannot force or compel a satisfied client give me a testimonial.

Instead, I do remind them the best source of thanks they could provide would be to refer a friend or family member to me if they find themselves in a similar situation needing an attorney to help solve their legal problems.

That's why when you call my office, my receptionist will often ask "Can I ask who referred you today so we can thank them."

Another important observation you should know...

You'll find some attorneys have lots of testimonials and reviews and others don't.

When you read those online reviews, ask yourself WHO is writing it?

Is it from a satisfied client who has gone through litigation with this lawyer and been successful?

Is it from an attorney who referred someone to this attorney?

Is it someone they know only from Facebook or LinkedIn or some lawyer group where each attorney leaves a reciprocal review for each other?

Look at the substance of the review too.

Is the review from an actual client or just a telephone caller who had a good customer service experience on the phone?

When you speak to an attorney on the phone you might want to ask them why they don't have as many testimonials as you would expect to see from a successful firm.

To learn even more about guarantees an attorney can make, I invite you to watch the quick videos below...

If you have questions about your matter than happened here in New York, I invite you to pick up the phone and call me. I can answer your questions. This is what I do every day and I'd love to talk to you. You can reach me at 516-487-8207.

Dear Mr. Oginski,
Although a lot of time has passed since you handled my case, I wanted to leave this testimonial, which I hope you will use in your advertising out of my appeciation:
"I am a former client of Mr. Oginski.
I would recomend him and his entire firm to anyone who is in need of a personal injury lawyer. Several years ago, I was facing a situation wherein a certain oral surgeon in Queens had painfully removed most of my teeh and never replacing them with implants and caps as promised. He simply closed shop and went into hiding. Being from Massachusetts, with the damage taking place in New York I was faced with the dillema of finding a competent lawyer four hundred miles away.
After many calls I came to find literally no lawyers willing to take on a lawsuit aganst an oral surgeon. At this point, I had lived two years unable to chew the foods I liked. The only time I smiled was when I was alone. Finally out of desperation, I put my story into an email and sent it to exactly 100 lawyers whose ads I had read on the internet.  Of all of these, only ten  contacted me. Two of these took the time to explain to me why no lawyers had contacted me, which basicly  was because that in cases against oral surgeons and dentists, a jury almost always takes the side of the doctor. To them, I was a "losing- proposition."
With the exception of Mr. Oginski, of the other 98 lawyers  I was more a statistic than a suffering human in need of expertise. Of all of the replies
I did recieve, only Mr. Oginski seemed to show any compassion for the pain I had suffered and was at the time suffering.
Upon deciding to choose Mr. Oginski to represent me, throughout the entire process, Mr. Oginski was  extremely professional and especially understanding to me and my wife's aggravation and irritation at the slowness of the court-sytem and always spoke in terms of a positive future outcome. Mr Oginski won a very substantial settlement on my behalf and ultimately my mouth and teeth were repaired, with enough left over to pay-of all of our debts including our mortgage.
My story continues...
Because of all of the stress our family had suffered, we decided to go on a well-deserved vacation.
Upon getting home, I suffered a stroke which has left me half- paralyzed and am now confined to a wheel chair and collecting disability, but can now always cherish the last vacation together as a family.

I can only imagine how bad-off me and my family would be now, had it not been for Mr. Oginski.
I sincerely recommend to anyone seeking a compassionate and extremely professional and knowledgable personal injury lawyer to contact Mr. Oginski's firm first and immediately, saving  yourself the aggravation of speaking to the other 98%.
Thank you once again Mr. Oginski. Thanks to your efforts and knowledge of the law our situation turned from a tragedy to a miracle - wherein now, despite my disibility, my wife can afford to take care of me at home rather than my being confined in a nursing home at the age of 53.
For many years I wondered to myself how, if ever possible, could God expain to me why I was being allowed me to suffer as I had under that dentist's care. Now, thanks to the money settlement you negotiated, I now feel I understand why things went the way they did being that now I am comforted knowing that should anything happen to me, my wife could financially manage to maintain her current life-style, with no debts or mortgage and in the mean time I am at home versus wasting away in a nursing home.
I am serious and sincere in telling you that you have been part of a "grand miracle" which has not only helped restore my mouth but in some ways restored my faith in the Lord. 
I hope you are doing well and would be happy to talk to you anytime, (but have trouble typing) if I could be of  any help creating a testimonial for your newletter."
Arthur Lawler,

To learn even more about this remarkable letter from Arthur, I invite you to watch the video below...


Arthur Lawler

"Dear Mr. Oginski,

I can't find words to express my thanks and gratitude. It was an honor and privilege to have you as my attorney. You really show who you are through your work ethic. You are truly without a doubt a good advocate. I'm proud to say that you are an asset to New York.

If I happen to be in the same situation or have a legal problem, I will not hesitate to contact you again.

Thank you for the help and services that you have provided to me during these critical times. I wish you and your family much joy and many blessings this New Year and always God bless you."

Truly yours,

Marcus Milard

Queens, N.Y.

Marcus Milard

  1. The information on Gerry's website was the top reason I hired Gerry Oginski.
  2. Our discussion by phone was the second reason I hired Gerry.
  3. Our initial face to face discussion was the third reason I hired Gerry to help me with my wife's wrongful death matter.

I originally heard about Gerry from searching online and came across his webiste. His professional approach to my case was what I liked best about his legal services.

I found Gerry's online videos to be helpful and informative and here are the top 3 reasons why someone looking for a medical malpractice or wrongful death attorney in New York should hire Gerry:

  1. His professional approach to the case,
  2. His honesty,
  3. His availability for discussions and questions.

Gerry's secretary, Frances was instrumental in arranging our monthly telephone meeting and in supporting the case.

How Gerry was able to help solve my problem:

Gerry investigated a potential legal action, took depositions, developed an in-depth understanding of my late wife's medical history, the methodology of the surgical procedure and the clinical consequences of the surgery.

I would not hestitate to recommend Gerry to one of my family members, friends, colleagues or business associates.

Yakov Bulayev

"Dear Gerry,

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you and give you my feelings on your efforts in my case against my gynecologist in Queens.

First and foremost, you were always very professional. From our first consultation to the last phone call congratulating me on winning the case. I was extremely satisfied with your efforts and results.

You took my case even after three other attorneys turned me down saying I had an unwinnable case. You never pushed me to do anything, just suggested what I should do.

Every telephone call and question was answered on the same day and if you had to get back to me with an answer, it was within 24 hours.

You were a tough lawyer but a friend during the deposition, which was very difficult to go through.

What I went through that December in 2005 was horrible and you always reminded me that we were going to make every effort to get the gynecologist to accept responsibility for his actions. Yes he is human and humans make mistakes, but he just didn't care and certainly did not follow his oath as a doctor.

Winning this case will never take away the emotional and physical pain that I (and also my family) went through, I hope that now this will be on his record for others to see and think twice about using him as a doctor. It will take time, but I'm putting this behind me.

So with this case now closed, please accept my sincere gratitude for being my lawyer and my friend. I hope to make an appointment to see you soon when I can get a day off from work to shake your hand and say thank you in person."

Very truly yours,

Linda A. Steigleider

Glendale, NY

Linda A. Steigleider

Medical Malpractice Law for the Non-Personal Injury Attorney

(Actual testimonials from lawyers across the country about Gerry's lecture)

"As useful a presentation as I've ever seen." - Stephen (forest hills, NY)

"This lecture was fascinating and informative on medical malpractice law." - Joung Ho (Flushing, NJ)

"Excellent presentation and engaging speaker." - Zachary (Washington, DC)

"Very practical advice. Well presented. " - Elisa (Green Bay, WI)

"excellent presentation." - Robert (Fairfax, VA)

"great speaker, kept my attention through his speaking style, if nothing else" - Juanita (Chesapeake, VA)

"great job" - Peggy (Lagrange, IL)

"Brilliant." - Aristides (Kissimmee, FL)

"very informative.....best CLE I have seen yet" - Richard T. (REGO PARK, NY)

"Very useful information." - Steven (Tinley Park, IL)

"Very well explained - clearly and concisely." - Hans-Joachim (Hofheim am Taunus, WY)

"excellent." - Pamela (Wilmette, IL)

"Very Engaging" - Tamar (Evenston, IL)

"helpful introduction" - Paul J. (New York, NY)

"Wonderfully convenient." - Jack (Tampa, FL)

"Very informative!" - June (Rockville, MD)

"Informative, clear and concise." - Jill (Marlboro, NJ)

"A great primer on the subject for a non-medical malpractice attorney. Excellent speaker." - Dede (Tampa, FL)

"Excellent speaker. Used lots of examples. Good information on what to know when referring medical malpractice cases out." - Evette (Detroit)

"Great niche presentation on what makes a medical malpractice case worth a referral to a practitioner who handles such cases." - Juliet (Arlington, VA)

"Compact, high-yield summary of major issues facing attorneys handling medical malpractice cases, illustrated very well with clinically relevant examples, scenarios, and hypotheticals. As an attorney and soon-to-be physician, I found this lecture highly useful for my future practice, both as surgeon and as potential malpractice consultant/referral base." - Nirav (Sacramento, CA)

"A good overview and informative" - Wallace (Long Beach, CA)

"Very good overall. Easy to follow, speaker did a good job of explaining medical law and framing the legal issues in malpractice cases in terms every lawyer could understand." - Joseph (Montville, NJ)

"Very good!" - Erik (Chesapeake, VA)

"Very involved and engaging." - Emily (Memphis, TN)

"The examples were very interesting and oftentimes helpful." - Joanna (Los Angeles, CA)

"I would recommend it to someone in New York. I would have liked more discussion about what things differ from state to state and how they might differ." - Susan (Memphis, TN)

"He kept my attention!" - Cher (Henderson, NV)

"Excellent! This is what CLE should be - no sales plugs, no war stories, no question/answer sessions, just an engaging speaker with superior knowledge of his topic who delivers in a very well-organized manner. " - Cynthia (Hidden Hills, CA)

"Great topic." - Ruth (charlottesville, VA)

"I've taken various CLE courses for over two decades and this one was, by far, the best I've ever viewed!" - Kevin (Hendersonville, TN)

"Excellent." - Robert (Salem, VA)

"good overview for purposes intended" - Susan M. (Albany, NY)

"as a malpractice lawyer I rate this speaker first rate in all aspects.." - Sanford (Albany, NY)

"Lucid and well organized presentation beneficial to the non medical mal practice attorney." - Robert (Denver, CO)

"Energetic and clear presentation" - Paul (Bayville, NY)

"great lecture" - Gilbert (Van Nuys, CA)

"A very helpful overview. " - Jeffrey (New York, NY)

"Clear and succint in presentation and content" - Vandana (new york, NY)

"Very useful - It provided the information I was hoping for. " - Erica (Chicago, IL)

"Excellent substantive content." - Ana M. (Sunny Isles, FL)

"good." - Andrew Chad (Nashville, TN)

"Good basic overview." - Cynthia (Pacifica, CA)

"Excellent." - Cynthia (Dallas, TX)

"Information packed." - George (Jericho, NY)

Lawyers across the country

“The service was outstanding, and I think you guys were excellent from beginning to the end.”
Gigi came to us after suffering a devastating loss. She came to us because “The information that was on Gerry's website and received from Gerry was very helpful when I had many questions in understanding my case and situation.”

Gerry's comment:

One of the challenges in Gigi's case was that the doctor who rendered care and treatment to Gigi was not an employee of the hospital where she received treatment. Instead, he turned out to be an employee of the federal government which raised a major challenge. Although we had brought a lawsuit against the hospital and nurses in state court, we were now required to bring a separate lawsuit in federal court against the United States government.

Imagine sending the lawsuit papers to Gigi which stated that she is now suing the United States government. It turns out that the doctor who was employed by the government was actually the key target in this medical negligence case. Although we conducted depositions, also known as question and answer sessions under oath, it was readily apparent that the primary person who departed from good and accepted care was the attending physician.

Early discussions with the assistant US attorney revealed that all parties would benefit from early settlement discussions which ultimately led to resolving this case. Gigi and her husband were a pleasure to work with despite having undergone a horrific event.
Gigi's comments:

“I think your office has been outstanding communicating with me and explaining each step of the process and progress of my case.”
“I would recommend your office anyone that has to deal with medical malpractice in New York. I was very impressed by Gerry's knowledge of medical terminology. All of my questions were always answered and I was always clear and updated on where I stood throughout the case. This process has been very easy thanks to Gerry and Frances's (Gerry's secretary) professionalism and graciousness.”

“I would definitely recommend Gerry to a friend or family member.”
Gigi Mileva
Nassau County, NY

Guergana Mileva

"This lecture was fascinating and informative on medical malpractice law. (Joung Ho K., NY)"
"Excellent presentation and engaging speaker. (Zachary S., SC) "
"Very practical advice.  Well presented. (Elisa A., WI)"
"Excellent presentation. (Robert S., VA)"

To watch Gerry's presentation, click on the link below:



"It's because of the videos that I called Gerry's law office.  Watch the videos for yourself and you will see what I mean."
Gerry's videos were enlighten and interesting. I gained a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the legal aspects of malpractice cases, along with what to expect from the attorney and why the attorney will or will not take on your case as a client.  I watched many of Gerry's videos that proved to be quite beneficial for me.  It's because of the videos that I called Gerry's law office.  Watch the videos for yourself and you will see what I mean.

S.W. New York City

Gerry did an excellent job on my case!  I was very anxious at times, becuse the outcome of my case was so important to me.  This type of case is difficult to win, but Gerry never lost hope and always believed this case had merit.  There were five years worth, and thousands of pages of documents to read.  The genius stroke of the case, (and Gerry is a legal genius), was when Gerry isolated one crucial doctor's visit and the unbiased information the doctor recorded which ended up proving our case to the jury.  I am more than pleased and give Gerry Oginski my highest recommendation. 


You took our case when no one else considered it.  We were almost at the end of the statute of limitation, but you told us to come in and bring any documents we had.  You told us we had a case; althought I was skeptical, since no other attorney would.  You made us more relaxed about the case.  We had been to many other attorneys.  Most did not even want to speak to us.  We heard about you.  You told us to come in, explained everything, took the case and won.  You are honest and sincere.  I would definitely hire you again if another legal matter came up.  I like the way you do business, and you knew my name when you saw me in the street.  You never had to look anything up when I called.  You knew who I was and gave me the answer right away.

Rich and Tony Lakovits - Selden, NY

Here's an incredible note from a man who asked me for legal help, but since he was located outside of New York, I could not help him since I only practice law in New York. I was then able to refer him to an attorney near where he lived.

"Dear Mr. Oginski,

I just want to thank you so much for your website.  The content is exceptional and has been a true blessing to me during this difficult time by informing me and helping me to gain some sense of clarity. Your site is just so exceptionally done it is obvious that you have the gift of teaching and a real passion for your field."

John Kilgore, Florida

Comment by Gerry:
Thank you John for your kind words. I truly enjoy being able to educate consumers about how lawsuits work in the State of New York. Good luck to you.


Vickie Clayborn from New Castle, Indiana says
"I have a attorney for a medical malpractice case but I just wanted to write to you and tell you that I really have enjoyed listening to and watching your videos on failure to diagnose heart attack. Its been very helpful. Keep up the good work."

Gerry says:
Thanks for taking the time to let me know Vickie!

"I hired Gerry because of his reputation, experience and recommendation by many friends. I originally heard about him from coworkers and friends of mine. He is friendly, very approachable, sharp and witty, and most important, consistently reliable.

I found Gerry to be very courteous, professional and experienced. On our very first meeting he explained the process of how my lawsuit would work. I always appreciated that he returned my phone calls and e-mails promptly. His free reports, books, and newsletters were extremely informative and educational.

Gerry's Secretary, Frances, was always friendly, courteous, very patient and treated me with respect.

If another legal matter came up (hopefully that will not happen) I would hire Gerry again in a second."

Bay Sayegh, California. (formerly of Westbury, New York)



"The overall efficiency of your office was stupendous, professional and caring."
"Your response to return phone calls was excellent. I was always called back the few times I left any message."

How do you rate our services to you?
"The paperwork accuracy was excellent. I received updates all the time throughout the case."
"Gerry was friendly and caring and made me feel comfortable when calling."

"Your professionalism was outstanding. I had never been treated better throughout the three years."
"The whole process I went through took almost three years, but somehow it doesn't seem that long because Gerry Oginski and his office were constantly keeping me updated on what was occurring. I think that made it feel like it was just the other day we met. "

Finally, my former client added "Please know that if you are in Gerald M. Oginski's hands, you will have the best representation available anywhere."

Victoria Suarez-Soto 
Queens, N.Y.

"Let me begin by saying that I am writing this letter on behalf of my mother with much of her input.  She would like to extend her warmest thanks and let you know that she is very grateful for your hard work and persistence.  It has been an extremely long battle from surgery to litigation, and finally to settlement.  Along the way, much has happened with my mother that could have potentially posed a problem.  You were very understanding in having to correspond with me during my mother's fragile state.  You did an exceptional job in keeping me abreast of your every move on this case.  You treated us with the most respect and made my mother feel that her case and her best interest was priority to you.

Your level of expertise was apparent from the beginning of the case right down to the settlement attained.  Again, it's been a long haul and as a daughter, I am grateful that my mother had you to defend her.  The final outcome of this case has given my mother more than just monetary relief.  It has given her a silver lining for the toughest three years of her life.  Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. "

Victoria Soto and J.P. (Daughter)


From the very beginning, Gerry displayed very good professionalism.  He was able to be professional as well as showing concern and care at the same time. His documentation and follow ups was very reliable, and we would definablely recommend him to a friend or family member in need of his services. As far as the settlement is concerned, we are extremely happy with the outcome.
Joseph MJU

Gerry and Frances were very helpful and knowledgeable when they advised me throughout the process. Their help made the process run very smooth. I am very grateful for all they have done for me and am very happy with the outcome of my settlement. Susan Choinski, New Hyde Park, NY

"Hi Gerry, I want you to know I think of you often,and can never thank you enough for all you have done for me and my sisters. You are the best. I hope you and your family are doing great. I miss your smile and your beautiful personality, and your great suits. May god bless you and your family. Love you, Arlene D.

I have never been involved in a lawsuit until recently, and I am thankful you accepted my case and represented me. You always returned my calls. In fact, you answered your phone yourself at times. Your Legal Assistant, Frances, was also excellent.  Any time that I spoke with her, she always knew everything about my case and always answered my questions with a knowledgable and detailed answer. It did not take me long to realize that I was in excellent hands, and that was comforting in itself. I was satisfied with the settlement outcome considering the nature of my injury. Very much so, you and your office are as professional as it gets because you care. Thankfully and sincerely yours, Mitchell Bartnicki

Dear Attorney Oginski, Thank you very much for your wonderful help with above case and invitation to appeal to this help if I ever need it again in the future. It is so soothing to know a person so caring and professionally top competent like you. Thank you also for your warm wishes for health for me and my family. Same to you and your family and great successes in your brilliant career. I will definitely pick up the phone to call you if I need you again. Mircela Nita Queens, NY

I was very pleased with the professionalism & courtesy that this office provided to my daughter's case as well as my family. I would strongly recommend this office to anyone seeking justification. Johnny Celestin Queens, NY

During the time of Mr. Oginski handling my case, he was very courteous and pleasant to work with. His work was very thorogh, efficient, swift and precise. All of these words define excellence. I would recommend Mr. Oginski to anyone who asks for legal advice. Jeanette Mason Brooklyn, NY

It was frustrating at times; however, this was my first experience in the legal system, so it could be expected. Mr. Oginski kept us abreast of all issues and matters. He was a true professional and extremely knowledgeable. The settlement, given our circumstances, was very acceptable. Anthony Gonzalez Queens, NY

My first visit with Gerry Oginski was a little overwhelming since I did not know him or he us, and it was only about 2 months after my surgery. He gathered information needed and was very accurate in giving us the time frame for the settlement, if there was to be one. His fee statement was accurate and helpful when we reviewed it at home. At any time during the case, I was able to call Mr. Oginski and ask questions that were on my mind. I also noted that a phone call after business hours was no problem. Frances, his assistant, was also very helpful and courteous on the phone. She was prompt and always made sure my requests were satisfied. Mr. Oginski always made me feel that I was very important to him and seemed very concerned about my future. We were very happy about the settlement, since we were not sure we had a case, although I felt we did. He lead us through the time and kept me posted on all information pertaining to the time and place of the trial. I was very confident with Mr. Oginski and his office. I would recommend him with great confidence knowing he would do his best for all his clients. Thanks again. Dina Martirano Westchester, NY

Dear Mr. Oginski, This letter is to express my greatest appreciation and gratitude for the way you handled my malpractice suit. You produced very satisfying and timely results. Thanks for your professionalism and expert representation. I am able to maintain a secure life in spite of my disabilities, which was a result of the defendents negligence. I'm able to pay my medical bills and other everyday expenses, because of the great work you and your firm put into this case. Again thank you so much for your help. I will recommend you to a relative or friend who would need a lawyer with confidence that they would benefit and be highly satisfied with your assitance. Donna L. Williams Brooklyn, NY

We are very happy with the settlement that you obtained. This was a great accomplishment that was made possible by your dedication and experience. Your sincere and caring manner helped to make this experience easier than expected. We truly felt as though we were being helped by a good friend and this case was not just another file number. We would be happy to recommend you to anyone. You've been great! Thanks for everything. V.A. & L.A. Brooklyn, NY

It is with total respect and appreciation for Mr. Oginski and Frances that I write this short "thank you". My process was handled with total professionalism, knowledge and compassion. Yes, I am pleased with my settlement, because I am confident that Gerry was totally dedicated to the most favorable outcome possilbe. Good luck with your book. Keep the newsletters coming. Millie Provenzano Staten Island, NY

The process I went through was made easy because of you Gerry and Frances. I think you got us a good settlement, and I know you worked hard for us. I liked your smile when you greeted us, and I felt proud that you were our lawyer. I also liked your suits, you always looked so handsome in them. God bless you and your family. Arlene DiFalco Brooklyn, NY

How can I find the right words to thank you. Your kindness and caring meant so much to my sisters and I. Thank you for being the person you are. You are a wonderful young man. My mother must have sent you to us. You always knew the perfect words to make us feel better. Thank you for working so hard to see that justice was done for our mother. I feel like a bond was formed between us. You showed us you cared, not only about us, but our mother. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. May god bless you and your family. Barbara Piekarz Brooklyn, NY