Medical Malpractice Law for the Non-Personal Injury Attorney

(Actual testimonials from lawyers across the country about Gerry's lecture)

"As useful a presentation as I've ever seen." - Stephen (forest hills, NY)

"This lecture was fascinating and informative on medical malpractice law." - Joung Ho (Flushing, NJ)

"Excellent presentation and engaging speaker." - Zachary (Washington, DC)

"Very practical advice. Well presented. " - Elisa (Green Bay, WI)

"excellent presentation." - Robert (Fairfax, VA)

"great speaker, kept my attention through his speaking style, if nothing else" - Juanita (Chesapeake, VA)

"great job" - Peggy (Lagrange, IL)

"Brilliant." - Aristides (Kissimmee, FL)

"very CLE I have seen yet" - Richard T. (REGO PARK, NY)

"Very useful information." - Steven (Tinley Park, IL)

"Very well explained - clearly and concisely." - Hans-Joachim (Hofheim am Taunus, WY)

"excellent." - Pamela (Wilmette, IL)

"Very Engaging" - Tamar (Evenston, IL)

"helpful introduction" - Paul J. (New York, NY)

"Wonderfully convenient." - Jack (Tampa, FL)

"Very informative!" - June (Rockville, MD)

"Informative, clear and concise." - Jill (Marlboro, NJ)

"A great primer on the subject for a non-medical malpractice attorney. Excellent speaker." - Dede (Tampa, FL)

"Excellent speaker. Used lots of examples. Good information on what to know when referring medical malpractice cases out." - Evette (Detroit)

"Great niche presentation on what makes a medical malpractice case worth a referral to a practitioner who handles such cases." - Juliet (Arlington, VA)

"Compact, high-yield summary of major issues facing attorneys handling medical malpractice cases, illustrated very well with clinically relevant examples, scenarios, and hypotheticals. As an attorney and soon-to-be physician, I found this lecture highly useful for my future practice, both as surgeon and as potential malpractice consultant/referral base." - Nirav (Sacramento, CA)

"A good overview and informative" - Wallace (Long Beach, CA)

"Very good overall. Easy to follow, speaker did a good job of explaining medical law and framing the legal issues in malpractice cases in terms every lawyer could understand." - Joseph (Montville, NJ)

"Very good!" - Erik (Chesapeake, VA)

"Very involved and engaging." - Emily (Memphis, TN)

"The examples were very interesting and oftentimes helpful." - Joanna (Los Angeles, CA)

"I would recommend it to someone in New York. I would have liked more discussion about what things differ from state to state and how they might differ." - Susan (Memphis, TN)

"He kept my attention!" - Cher (Henderson, NV)

"Excellent! This is what CLE should be - no sales plugs, no war stories, no question/answer sessions, just an engaging speaker with superior knowledge of his topic who delivers in a very well-organized manner. " - Cynthia (Hidden Hills, CA)

"Great topic." - Ruth (charlottesville, VA)

"I've taken various CLE courses for over two decades and this one was, by far, the best I've ever viewed!" - Kevin (Hendersonville, TN)

"Excellent." - Robert (Salem, VA)

"good overview for purposes intended" - Susan M. (Albany, NY)

"as a malpractice lawyer I rate this speaker first rate in all aspects.." - Sanford (Albany, NY)

"Lucid and well organized presentation beneficial to the non medical mal practice attorney." - Robert (Denver, CO)

"Energetic and clear presentation" - Paul (Bayville, NY)

"great lecture" - Gilbert (Van Nuys, CA)

"A very helpful overview. " - Jeffrey (New York, NY)

"Clear and succint in presentation and content" - Vandana (new york, NY)

"Very useful - It provided the information I was hoping for. " - Erica (Chicago, IL)

"Excellent substantive content." - Ana M. (Sunny Isles, FL)

"good." - Andrew Chad (Nashville, TN)

"Good basic overview." - Cynthia (Pacifica, CA)

"Excellent." - Cynthia (Dallas, TX)

"Information packed." - George (Jericho, NY)

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