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Medical Malpractice Inside Look at How Cases Work in New York

This book is designed to give you an insider's view of the hidden stories of injured people that you do not often hear about. Read the book to learn how I was able to help solve their legal problems.

In the book I discuss a urology disaster; a dental implant nightmare; plastic surgery mayhem; colonoscopy perforations;  ectopic pregnancy; examples of medical malpractice; failure to diagnose lung cancer; emergency-room misdiagnosis; cross examination of an expert in an erb's palsy case; anesthesia errors resulting in brain damage; failure to diagnose brain tumor leading to blindness; failure to diagnose a heart attack; birth injury cases; why your case may be rejected; fetal distress, hypoxia and anoxia.

Some additional cases I discuss include nerve injuries pain and suffering, brain damage and cerebral palsy.

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[If you are an attorney and would like a copy of my book, send me an email to [email protected] and for a  processing charge and postage, I'll be happy to send you the book.]