1. The information on Gerry's website was the top reason I hired Gerry Oginski.
  2. Our discussion by phone was the second reason I hired Gerry.
  3. Our initial face to face discussion was the third reason I hired Gerry to help me with my wife's wrongful death matter.

I originally heard about Gerry from searching online and came across his website. His professional approach to my case was what I liked best about his legal services.

I found Gerry's online videos to be helpful and informative and here are the top 3 reasons why someone looking for a medical malpractice or wrongful death attorney in New York should hire Gerry:

  1. His professional approach to the case,
  2. His honesty,
  3. His availability for discussions and questions.

Gerry's secretary, Frances was instrumental in arranging our monthly telephone meeting and in supporting the case.

How Gerry was able to help solve my problem:

Gerry investigated a potential legal action, took depositions, developed an in-depth understanding of my late wife's medical history, the methodology of the surgical procedure and the clinical consequences of the surgery.

I would not hestitate to recommend Gerry to one of my family members, friends, colleagues or business associates.

Yakov Bulayev