"Dear Gerry,

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you and give you my feelings on your efforts in my case against my gynecologist in Queens.

First and foremost, you were always very professional. From our first consultation to the last phone call congratulating me on winning the case. I was extremely satisfied with your efforts and results.

You took my case even after three other attorneys turned me down saying I had an unwinnable case. You never pushed me to do anything, just suggested what I should do.

Every telephone call and question was answered on the same day and if you had to get back to me with an answer, it was within 24 hours.

You were a tough lawyer but a friend during the deposition, which was very difficult to go through.

What I went through that December in 2005 was horrible and you always reminded me that we were going to make every effort to get the gynecologist to accept responsibility for his actions. Yes he is human and humans make mistakes, but he just didn't care and certainly did not follow his oath as a doctor.

Winning this case will never take away the emotional and physical pain that I (and also my family) went through, I hope that now this will be on his record for others to see and think twice about using him as a doctor. It will take time, but I'm putting this behind me.

So with this case now closed, please accept my sincere gratitude for being my lawyer and my friend. I hope to make an appointment to see you soon when I can get a day off from work to shake your hand and say thank you in person."

Very truly yours,

Linda A. Steigleider

Glendale, NY

Linda A. Steigleider