Chemotherapy and radiation kill cancer cells, unfortunately, they also kill healthy cells. Scientists are now focusing on Gene Therapy.

Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut. It is the nation’s only not-for-profit exclusively dedicated to funding cell and gene therapy research for cancer. 100% of donations go directly to funding research and clinical trials.

Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy was established in 2001, it was created to fill a funding void in cancer research.

Since its inception, it has funded 44 grants in the United States and Canada, totaling $25 million.

All of the grant applications are reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Council, which is composed of 16 of the nation’s more distinguished physicians and researchers in cell and gene therapy.

In order to support discovery and innovative breakthroughs, Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy awards “Young Investigator” grants to tenure track assistant professors at prominent medical facilities.

The goal is to help circumvent the traumatic side-effects of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation, helping turn cancer into a manageable disease.

The commitment to fund cancer research and clinical trials comes at a crucial time, when budget cuts have stifled National Institutes of Health grants. Private philanthropic donations are need now more than ever.

With cancer, awareness alone is not going to advance the level of treatment or support therapies that help treat patients without the harmful effects of chemotherapy, radiation ad surgery.

Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy particularly believes that molecular treatment is the future of cancer care.

Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy has helped fund a multitude of research including: Dr. John Bell’s development of strategies to safely and effectively treat tumors that are widely spread throughout the patient’s body; Dr. Lieping Chen’s discovery of the immune suppression function of the B7-H1 pathway in cancer and use of antibodies to block this pathway in order to enhance tumor immunity for the therapy of cancer.


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