Had a great video chat with my good friend from California, Mitch Jackson about the Erin Andrews $55 million dollar verdict out of Nashville.

Mitch is an excellent catastrophic injury & wrongful death trial lawyer in California and he and I jumped on a video call via Blab.com where we were joined by over 90 people.

In case you don't know, Erin Andrews is a sportscaster who sued Marriott Hotels, along with a man who cut a hole in an adjoining hotel room in order to secretly peep in on her. He obtained secret video of her changing and posted it online.

He was arrested, plead guilty and served jail time.

Erin Andrews then sued the criminal, sued the hotel and the corporations responsible for the hotel management and ownership.

During today's video chat, we discussed the verdict, discussed experts, talked about whether this was forseeable and the likelihood that this would be settled.

I highly recommend watching our engaging conversation with viewers asking questions. You can watch the replay here...

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