Late detection in chronic diseases including cancer can result in devastating results. Unfortunately, sometimes it is too late to cure the patient. That is why a London-based company developed a handheld device which can detect cancer and tuberculosis in just fifteen minutes.

The device is alleged to be able to diagnose cancer, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases through DNA analysis of pathogens called Q-Poc.

This device is the same size as a credit card and uses solar-powered batteries.

The company is now at the point that there is a working prototype that can perform a highly sensitive tuberculosis test from a sample through to results in 15-20 minutes. The company is confident that with the efficacy of the technology and they hope to start production before the year ends.

The device contains sensors which can identify different molecules from samples. The sensors can identify diseases based on DNA analysis. It is very fast, cost-effective and operates using very low energy consumption.

Routine biopsy and cytology results may be ready as soon as 1 or 2 days after the sample gets to the lab.

This handheld device which can detect cancer is still waiting for regulatory approval by the World Health Organization. Once approved, they are looking at using this technology in South Africa.

Q-Poc is different from the old process because Q-Poc uses the most conventional diagnostic tools. It analyses the DNA of pathogens instead of the proteins in the sample as how it was practiced before. This technology sounds very simple but it is a ground breaking technology and nothing in the market comes close to Q-Poc in terms of cancer detection.

If the device is proven effective, this technology can definitely help in the fight with these types of diseases including cancer and tuberculosis. Early detection is always a key in receiving immediate and proper treatment.

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