Good nutrition and regular exercise combined are an effective way to reduce the risk of cancer and to prevent its recurrence. This has been proven by numerous studies. Researchers are now looking for a method to motivate people to eat better and exercise more.

It is hard for most adults to improve their diet and exercise habits. It is especially difficult for cancer patients and survivors to change their diet and exercise habits. Cancer treatment leads to fatigue and if someone feels tired, the last thing they want to do is exercise.

New research suggests that exercise can minimize the side effects of some drugs used in treating cancer. A pilot study that looked at the effect of exercise on breast cancer patients taking drugs known as aromatase inhibitors showed that exercise diminished the joint pain experienced by some patients. Unfortunately, patients stop taking the aromatase inhibitors because of the pain, but the aromatase inhibitors reduce the risk of cancer recurring.

Each participant was assigned one of three exercise schedules based on the individual’s fitness level. Each participants was called in once a week to see how the patient was doing and provide support and encouragement

Patients reported not only less pain but also improved quality of life and greater ease performing daily activities. The results are promising.

A healthy diet, a plant-based diet that includes five servings of fruits and vegetables daily, goes hand-in-hand with exercise.

Cancer patients sometimes believe that they have lost control of their lives. If doctors are able to intervene and help patients change their diet and exercise habits, it may help to reestablish a sense of control.

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