The intricacies of the human body are complicated. One of the most perplexing areas of the human body is the human head which houses the ears, eyes, nose, and mouth.  Each body part is as important as the sensory ability they enable.  That is why a mistake during a medical procedure on one of these areas can be tragic.

That is what happened to a woman in New Jersey who suffered permanent and debilitating eye damage while undergoing a "routine" sinus operation.  The operation was supposed to relieve the patient from sinusitis.  However, the doctor operated on the wrong sinus and cut through tissue that was connected to the orbit of the eye.  The puncture severed a muscle that helps the eye move.  The patient now suffers from permanent damage to her eye leaving her unable to continue working.

A lawsuit was filed and the patient was awarded $3.9 million.  Although the recovery seems substantial, it will not fix her condition.  The fact remains that the woman’s life will permanently suffer over a mistake during a routine procedure.

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Matthew with a Sinus Infection 01/13/2011 11:50 PM
Hey there Gerald, I honestly would never undergo any kind of sinus infection surgery for the very reasons you just outlined. I believe there is a natural cure to virtually everything out there, including sinus infections...
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Lisa 11/26/2014 08:12 PM
I too experienced a sinus surgery that went bad. He went thru the orbital area and left me with double vision and trijeminal nerve damage. I was operated on a few times. The last surgery was 2 years by Dr. Tamhankur at University of Pennsylvania. She gave me the ability to see straight which I was so thankful. She shortened the muscle in my good eye. Everyone told me to not even consider that, I'm glad I did. Although, it didn't restore my vision to see up, down or sideways, I was very grateful.
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