Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the United States today and many people try their best to reduce their risk of developing a cancer. Many women take the measure that famous actresses such as Angelina Jolie have done, which is removing their breasts and/or ovaries and fallopian tubes. Women have many avenues now, but what is one of the best ways that men can avoid getting cancer?

Fox news reports on how men can avoid getting cancer.

Experts say new research shows that one of the best ways for men to avoid getting cancer is actually extremely simple, they should exercise.

What did the study prove to show?

All of the research pointed to one conclusion, men with high levels of cardiorespiratory fitness seem to have a lower incidence of lung or colon cancer.

How was the study conducted?

“Researchers from the University of Vermont examined cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) in 13,949 middle-aged men between 1971 and 2009. CRF of each participant was assessed using an incremental treadmill test starting at a speed of 3.3 mph for 25 minutes, before increasing 0.3 mph per minute until volitional exhaustion,” according to Fox news.

Researchers then focused on particular cancers. They looked at three cancer types of cancer diagnoses: lung, colorectal, and prostate. These were evaluated in the present report for men of this sample.

What were the results?

The research team found that compared to men with lower levels of CRF, those with increased levels had a decreased risk of developing lung or colon cancer, and if they did, they were less likely to pass away from the disease.

Dr. Dale Shepard, an oncologist at Cleveland Clinic who did not take part in the study, commented on the findings.

He said, “This is important because more and more data is coming out that regular exercise is important to prevent cancer. What that means is if you have a job where you sit all day long, we’re finding that even if you exercise for an hour or so afterward, you still have risk. So really, you have to think about both things - being active but not being inactive.”

What have other studies on the topic shown?

There has been much research done on the topic and previous research has found that sedentary lifestyles, where people do not have the recommended amount of physical activity, increase the risk of cancer. These experts are saying that more doctors need to emphasize the importance of good heart health. They are also saying that physicians need to recommend eating a heart-healthy diet, getting regular exercise, and maintaining a normal weight to decrease the threat of developing cancer.

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