A leading oncologist claims that a cure for cancer is nearer than it has ever been.

Advances in a revolutionary treatment called immunotherapy are now occurring at a rapid rate. In turn, patients benefit substantially.

Oncologists rarely use the word cure. They talk a lot about being “in remission” but cure is the “Holy Grail.”

With some of the immunotherapies, some patients appear to just go on and on with no resurgence of the disease.

One reason cancer cells thrive is because they are able to hide from the immune system. Immunotherapy on the other hand wakes up a patient’s own immune system so it can fight cancer.

Certain immunotherapies mark cancer cells, which makes it easier for the immune system to find and destroy them. Other immunotherapies boost the immune system to work better against cancer.

These treatments have been effective against lung, skin, kidney, bladder, and head and neck cancers. These are some of the most aggressive types of cancer which are extremely difficult to treat and together claim hundreds of thousands of lives each year.

In one British clinical trial, patients with advanced skin cancer who would have been declared terminally ill are now back at work and are predicted to live until old age. Some of the patients may never need treatment again, others may just require top-up sessions every few weeks or months.

Oncologists advice cancer sufferers who want to think about immunotherapy, they should have a discussion with heir oncologist. It is important to access the right information.

Some immunotherapy can be purchased off the shelf, but it is better to do it through a clinical trial in an area where the drugs are licensed. New drugs are provided free for clinical trials and scientist and drug developing clinicians were optimizing the benefits of the new drugs.

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