One of the few comforts that a patient can rely on when undergoing a major procedure is that they usually get to meet and talk to the doctor who will be performing their operation.  When that trust is betrayed, patients have a right to be upset.

For example, a man was admitted to a hospital to receive an acrylic injection to his spinal column.  The procedure was supposed to help the man with his back pain.  The man decided to undergo the procedure after discussing the risks with his doctor.  After the procedure, the patient was paralyzed.  Apparently the injection was performed incorrectly and the inserted fluid spread to inappropriate parts of the spine.  Additionally, the patient found out that the doctor who performed the operation was not the one that he consulted with.

In response, the doctors’ medical licenses were suspended for three months.  The patient is also suing for more than $23 million.  Whether and how much the patient will ultimately get from the hospital and the doctors is unknown at this time. The fact is that the patient will never be able to enjoy the use of his legs ever again is a disability that he will live with for the rest of his days.  Perhaps more disturbing than the botched spinal injection is that the doctors pulled a switch on the patient, with a different doctor performing the operation than he expected. 

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