The answer is no, you don't.
Even though you've lived through two or three years of hard-fought litigation, you don't get a certificate.
You don't get a medal.

You don't get a diploma.
You don't get a pat on the back for a job well done.
You don't get a congratulatory letter from the doctor you sued.

You don't get a certificate of completion saying you've now graduated and can move on with your life.

You don't get credit for going the distance in your lawsuit and then settling before trial.
Nobody will give you a framed certificate thanking you for your contribution to the legal community.
What the heck do you get when you settle your lawsuit?

I'll tell you what you get...

You get piece of mind.
You get a guaranteed amount of money in your pocket.
You get to wipe out the uncertainty of going to trial and rolling the dice.

You get comfort knowing that the defense paid you money to compensate you for all the harms, losses and damages you suffered because of your doctors' carelessness.

You get the satisfaction knowing that you won't have to appear and testify in court during a trial.
You get the satisfaction knowing that you were right all along.
But you knew that.

You knew that your doctor violated the basic standards of good medical care.
You knew that your doctors' carelessness caused you harm.
You also knew that your injuries were significant and permanent.

You don't need a diploma saying that you 'graduated' from your lawsuit and the court system.
You don't need a 'certificate of completion' saying you've lived with this lawsuit for almost three years.
You don't need any of that!

Why not?
Because you're getting something much better.
You're getting a check from the doctors' insurance company to pay you for your injuries.

That check is your 'certificate of completion'.
That check is your 'diploma'. 
That check is evidence of all your hard work and sacrifice which confirms you were right all along.

Do you really need more than that?
I'd argue that you don't.
Sure your lawyer will give you a big hug and wish you luck when you pick up your settlement check.

Sure he'll tell you that it was the right choice to settle.
He'll make you feel as if it was all worth it.
It was.

Because you achieved the result you were looking for.
It took you a few years to do it, but you did.
Really smart lawyers will send you a letter thanking you for allowing them to participate with getting you get justice.

Really smart lawyers will confirm you did the right thing and wishing you the best in the future.
Really smart lawyers will also explain the tax implications of your settlement money and recommend you speak with financial advisors immediately. You'll want to protect that money so it lasts you for many years to come.

As for a 'diploma' or a 'certificate of completion' when you finish your lawsuit?
Face don't need another piece of paper to remind you what you had to go through in order to obtain your settlement.

To learn more about this topic, I invite you to watch the quick video below...


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