She went with her co-worker for a ride after work. They were coming back from a restaurant on the way home. The driver of the car she was in made a left hand turn. Unfortunately, she failed to fully stop before making that left turn and failed to see the oncoming car. In fact, the driver had only gotten her license two weeks earlier and was an inexperienced driver. The driver even admitted that she wasn't comfortable making left hand turns.

That impact caused fractures in my client's dominant hand. She required surgery to fix the broken bones and had to have physical therapy following surgery and insertion of hardware.Since the hardware was painful, she had to have the hardware surgically removed.

At the beginning of our investigation, we learned that her coworker had only the minimum insurance policy on her car. This was devastating, since my client's injuries were worth considerably more than the basic minimum $25,000 policy. That is why it is so crucial to have supplemental underinsured and supplemental uninsured motorist coverage also known as SUM and UM insurance coverage. That type of insurance kicks in when the primary insurance policy is insufficient to cover the extent of the injuries someone suffered in a car accident. Paragraph my investigation revealed that there were additional policies of insurance available through the supplemental underinsured coverage in addition to the driver that hit them.

There was no question that my client's co-worker, who was driving the car, should never have made that left turn. There was no question that she did so improperly, not realizing or recognizing that the oncoming car was too close to make a safe left turn.

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