She was told she needed  a simple bunion surgery.

She was told this would be routine.

She was told she'd be back on her feet quickly.

Except she wasn't.

She had pain on the bottom of her foot almost immediately after surgery.

The doctor told her not to worry.

Turns out the doctor removed a bone in her foot that he should not removed.

He removed only one piece of the sesamoid bone.

He should have removed both pieces.

Our medical expert concluded that removing only one part of the sesamoid bone was a violation of the basic standards of surgical care.

The doctor refused to acknowledge he did anything wrong.

The doctor refused to negotiate.

The doctor claimed that he did everything correctly.

The reality was, he didn't.

The reality was that this case went to mediation shortly before trial.

We were able to negotiate this case during mediation once the doctor agreed to begin negotiating.


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