Ok- let's get right to it.

  1. Why you?
  2. Why not him (referring to his competitor)?
  3. Why is your firm different than all the others?
  4. What information do you give before I come into the office?
  5. What type of shock and awe kit do you give to new clients? [A shock and awe kit is a bunch of material given to a new client to reinforce their great decision to become a client.]
  6. What written materials do you have that explains how the litigation process works?
  7. What videos do you have that will teach me about how the lawsuit process works?
  8. How many books have you written that will educate me about the lawsuit process?
  9. How many articles did you write to help consumers understand each stage of the litigation process?
  10. Will you be the attorney who handles my case day to day?
  11. Will you be the attorney who will be at my deposition?
  12. Will you be my trial attorney?
  13. Who will answer my questions when I call for inforomation about my case during my lawsuit?
  14. If all lawyers know the same law, why are you the one for me?
  15. If lawyers with similar experience can achieve similar results, explain why I should come to you instead of your main competitor.
  16. If you needed an attorney to represent you in an accident case, a medical malpractice or wrongful death case would you hire your biggest competitor?
  17. Would your biggest competitor recommend you to a family member who needed an experienced attorney?
  18. If two law firms have similar resources and one is a solo and you have a large firm, what are the advantages of each firm?
  19. What is the advantage of working with a large firm instead of a solo practitioner?
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