Here are five reasons why you should NOT hire the first law firm you look at:

  1. You have nothing to compare it to
  2. You don't know how one lawyer is different from another
  3. You are unsure what type of experience the law firm has
  4. You don't know what fees this law firm charges compared to the other law firms you are looking at
  5. If all law firms handle the same type of law, why would I choose one over another?

The biggest problem for consumers searching for an attorney is that they don't know how to compare one lawyer or law firm to another. You are searching online for an attorney to represent you because you don't know a lawyer and you don't know someone who might be able to refer you to a trusted attorney.

There are many unknowns when you begin your search for a lawyer in New York. You obviously want someone you can trust. You also want someone with a great track record and experience. You want someone to make you feel good about your case. But how can you really tell who is the right one for you?

When you search online for an attorney, you will type in certain search terms. You will then scroll through the search results, usually on Google, to see what the attorney's websites look like. Many of them look the same. They have similar templates, photographs, headlines and even similar content.

Many lawyers websites are nothing more than static brochures that don't give any real information. How many frequently asked questions do these lawyers provide on their website? How much have you learned from reading the attorney's website? Is there information you didn't know before that will help you make an educated decision about which lawyer or law firm is right for you?

Did the attorneys and the law firm provide you with sufficient information about your type of case before you ever picked up the phone call? Do they have hundreds of free videos to teach and educate you about your particular type of matter? Do they explain to you how the lawsuit process works in the state of New York?

Have the lawyers written any educational and informative book's you can download immediately for free?

When you are searching for an attorney in New York, my philosophy and goal has always been to teach and educate consumers and prospective clients. The reasoning is that the more educated you are the better decisions you'll been able to make and the more informed you will be about how the process works.

When you have suffered an injury because of someone else's carelessness, finding an attorney can be a terrifying task. However, when you begin to learn what type of information you need, it then becomes a simple matter of identifying which law firms and lawyers provide the information you need before you ever pick up the phone and call them to ask a question.

Then, once you are fully educated about the type of matter you have, you can ask the right questions and then you will be in a better position to compare one lawyer to another to see which one is right for you.

At my law firm, I am a solo practitioner. I have over 400 FAQ'S and answers here on my website. I have over 600 educational and informative videos to teach you and guide you about how the lawsuit process works here in the state of New York. I have four books that you can download for free, and the most popular one is called “Secrets of a New York Medical Malpractice Trial Lawyer.” There are hundreds of free reports, news items, blog posts, transcripts of actual testimony and much more here on my educational website.

My goal is to teach and educate you.

As always, if you have legal questions about your particular matter here in the state of New York, I encourage you to pick up the phone and call me at 516-487-8207 or by e-mail at [email protected]. This is what I do every single day; I answer legal questions like yours and I welcome your call.

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