Injured in an Accident? 5 Reasons Why You Don't Need To Hire An Attorney By Gerry Oginski Article Word Count: 910 You've just been injured in an accident. Get ready for the onslaught of mail from lawyers at home. Be prepared for those ugly billboards showing pictures of crashed cars and wreckage with victims crawling away. Beware the yellow pages ads that proclaim quick and fast settlements for your injuries. Do you need an attorney? No, and here's why: 5 Reasons Why You Don't Need An Attorney After You've Been Injured In An Accident 1. You know it all. By knowing it all you have more knowledge and experience than a New York personal injury trial lawyer. That's good. You know what the law is and whether your injuries are serious enough to prevent you from getting thrown out of court. Knowing it all means you know how to negotiate with the insurance company. You are aware of the common tricks they use to get unsuspecting victims to settle cases, like sending a low-ball settlement check to the client with the appropriate closing papers, telling them all they have to do is sign here and the check is theirs. You must know how to find out what the insurance policy limits are, and whether there is any excess insurance available to pay for your injuries. Having all the information means you know how to say "No" to an insurance company offer and start a lawsuit on your own behalf. It also means knowing how much time you have to file a claim with the insurance company, and how much time you have before you need to start your lawsuit. 2. You know how disabling and permanent your injuries are. Doesn't it feel good to know that you can convey how serious and permanent your injuries are? You can clearly and concisely express your frustrations and feelings to the insurance company. Just don't expect them to shed any tears for you. 3. You know the true value of your injuries in the county you live in and don't need a lawyer to tell you otherwise. Knowing it all means that you know your injuries are worth more than the "McDonald's Lady" who won a large award. It means knowing that your injuries are worth more than the insurance company has ever seen before. It means knowing that in your town and in your county, the same type of injuries for the same age individual is similar or different than your own. Knowing it all means that you know where to search for information that you can use to show the insurance company that your injuries are worth more than a similar victim. It means that you know what medical records and documents the insurance company needs to confirm your injuries and permanent disability. 4. Why should you have to give part of your compensation to some lawyer you don't even know? Why do you need to give up 1/3 of your award, when you can do it all yourself? You know that handling an accident claim and then a lawsuit is no different than reading a do-it-yourself book, similar to building a deck in your backyard. If your neighbor the lawyer can do it, so can you! Why pay someone to do it for you? Do you think they could possibly obtain more money for your injuries than you can? If you don't think so, then by all means, don't hire an attorney. But if you have that nagging suspicion that they just might be able to achieve a better result, then you owe it to yourself and your family to call a personal injury lawyer right away. 5. You have more experience than a New York personal injury trial lawyer and know that you can overcome any defense the insurance company throws at you. You know that with every claim and every lawsuit, the insurance company and their lawyers will fight you tooth and nail on everything from liability, to causation, to the extent of your injuries. You must know all of those defenses and how to overcome them. You must surely know of how to contact witnesses and obtain their statements, and how to use them to your benefit. Of course, you also know how to try your case and achieve success- all the while trying to support your family and recover from your injuries. Conclusion So, do you need an attorney after you've been in an accident? I leave that question for you to ponder. If you know it all, then you don't need an attorney. However, if you think you might benefit from legal counsel and their experience, then don't wait. Call an experienced injury lawyer immediately to make sure you know and understand your legal options. Good luck in your quest for justice!
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