1. You obviously want someone who has obtained excellent results in the past.
  2. You obviously want someone who has the most experience with your exact type of case.
  3. You want an attorney who has handled many similar cases as yours.
  4. You want a lawyer who makes you feel comfortable and special.
  5. You want an attorney who teaches you.
  6. You want a lawyer who gives you books, free information, videos, articles, DVD's, transcripts, CD's, webinars and continues to educate you about how your particular case works.

Those are a given.

Those are all logical and highly reasonable items to want in a lawyer to handle your accident case, your medical malpractice case or your wrongful death case here in New York.

But let me ask you this question...

If you're looking at 3 different lawyers or law firms and they all have the same basic level of experience and results (it's certainly possible), how can you distinguish one law firm from the rest?

Does one law firm wow you with their gorgeous office furniture? Do they have Persian rugs and custom mahogany wood floors and cabinets? 

Does another law firm have hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in artwork around their office?

Does yet another law firm have a massive musty old library that looks and smells like it's from the 17th century?

Importantly, when you hire a law firm, I'd suggest looking past most of those things. 


Because you're looking to hire the attorney who will be YOUR lawyer. Then look at the support staff and the resources he has to support that lawyer.

But even before you ever meet the attorneys, let's look at just one way to see how each lawyer or law firm is different.

Take a look at their website.

What FREE information do they provide to you?

I assume they'll give you a bio about each attorney. I guarantee they'll have their great results and verdicts on their site...as they should. They'll probably have a blog up there with some articles involving cases they handle. They should also have a frequently asked question site with lots and lots of FAQ's and answers.

When you read the content on the lawyer's website, ask yourself if they're teaching you about how cases like yours work, or are they shouting out how great they are? Maybe they do both.

I have found really smart attorneys don't need to shout out how great they are on their website. Instead, they teach and educate their viewers who come searching for useful information. 

The more useful information for you, the reader, the better informed you're going to be, BEFORE you ever meet the attorney! I don't think enough lawyers do that.


My goal to providing a great educational resource for injured victims in New York is to give you, the reader, tons of great information so you can learn about how cases like yours work here in NY. My opinion has always been that the more informed and educated you are about the legal process, the better decisions you can make as you choose to proceed forward.

Here on my popular and educational website, I offer you four FREE books designed just for you. Just enter your info on the right side and you get an immediate download of any of my four books. 

I have thousands and thousands of relevant and timely articles to teach you about these injury and accident cases.

I have hundreds and hundreds of educational videos that help explain every aspect of medical malpractice and accident lawsuits in NY.

I have thousands of news items that will interest you along with actual pre-trial testimony in real cases I have handled that you can immediately read and learn from.

I have lots of useful content for you...all for free and BEFORE you ever pick up the phone to call.

No matter who you ultimately decide to hire for your accident or injury case, take the time to learn more and become educated about the legal process. That will allow you to make the most informed decisions you can possibly make.

To learn about hiring the right lawyer and whether you hire the first attorney to call you back, I invite you to watch the video below...

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