1. Anger
  2. Violated
  3. Helpless
  4. Powerless
  5. Hurt
  6. Betrayed
  7. Hostility
  8. Disregarded
  9. Unimportant

Let me share with you how these arise following a devastating accident or injury arising from medical carelessness. 

Following a traumatic event, you will experience disbelief. It will be difficult to accept what has happened. As you begin to play back in your own mind what occurred you will soon recognize feelings of helplessness, betrayal and that you are powerless to change what has happened.

These are powerful emotional triggers that are inevitable with any traumatic event. As you begin to delve into how and why these events happened and what might have been done to prevent this tragedy, you will soon begin experiencing feelings of anger, hostility and betrayal by those you trusted.

As you seek more answers into why this happened you’ll also find yourself feeling as if your thoughts and opinions are disregarded, and that people are paying you lip service so they don’t have to deal with your troubles. You will feel unimportant and unfulfilled when seeking answers to your questions. That in turn leads to further anger and resentment.


When faced with these overwhelming emotional triggers following a catastrophic tragedy involving permanent injury or loss of life, there are three things you can do immediately that will help you cope and deal with what you need to do next.

First, you need to speak with your family members and gain support from them.

Second, it is often helpful to speak to a grief counselor. That could be a psychologist, a psychiatrist or your spiritual leader. 

Third, it would help you greatly to speak to an experienced trial lawyer to evaluate what your options are and how to deal with the emotional trauma you are suffering from. 


As you work your way through these emotions, keep in mind that you are never alone. You will however feel alone when you’re sitting at home by yourself with the lights off or when go to sleep at night. Rest assured though, that there are others who have gone through what you have, and have come out of it successfully with a fresh outlook on life.


As an attorney who deals with these traumatic events on a daily basis, I cannot change what has happened. However, I can help guide you as you travel these well-worn paths that are well known to us.

Being in an unfamiliar setting is like going on a trip without a guide map or a trusted guide to get you from point A to point B. As an experienced New York accident and medical malpractice lawyer, it is my obligation to be your guide, to show you where the pitfalls are and to help you through to your destination. 

It is my goal and obligation to get you through this horrific journey so when you arrive at your destination you’ve done so with confidence knowing you can continue on with what God has intended for you to accomplish in your lifetime.  

Don’t wait for these overwhelming emotions overtake you and lead you to feelings of despair and helplessness.

I am here to help and can guide you to other resources that will help you deal with these problems. This is what I do.

 Go ahead and pick up the phone and call. That’s what I’m here for.

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