He was used to getting his way.

His employees bowed down to him. (Not literally)

His staff did as he commanded.

He was a 'master of the universe'.

He was used to being told "Yes sir, anything you want sir."

He was not used to being told "No," or "We can't do that."

Even with his family and kids he was a no-nonsense dad.

He didn't have much of a sense of humor.

When he said 'jump', his kids said "How high?" (Again, not literally)

Turns out his spouse had surgery.

Elective surgery.

Plastic surgery.

Her surgery didn't go as expected.

In fact, it went much worse than expected.

The results were awful.

The results were terrible.

The results made it look like it was done in a third world country by a backroom doctor.

You'd never have expected this to happen in a modern, civilized plastic surgery clinic here in New York.


She trusted him.

She heard so much about him.

All her friends used him.

He did their noses.

He did their breasts.

He did their tummy tucks.

He did their eyelid tucks.

Their face lifts.

He was the 'go to' guy for plastic surgery.

He had a fancy 5th Avenue clinic in New York City.

All the latest equipment.

Patients are picked up in a private limo and transported to his office using a special private door.

Privacy is key.

He had lots of celebrities as clients.

He had a mini hospital set up for his surgery patients.

He'd bring in an anesthesiologist to put the patient to sleep.

He'd pamper you before and after your surgery.

Now, after this surgery, he was with his wife in this high-end plastic surgeon's office.

He unwraps the bandages and he's horrified.

He explodes (not literally).

He starts yelling.

He starts screaming.

The police are called.

He's escorted out of the office by the NYPD.

On the way home he's wondering which of his friends knows a medical malpractice attorney.

He's thinking this is a great case that any lawyer will eagerly take.

But now he has to pick carefully.

He doesn't know any medical malpractice lawyer personally.

By the time he gets home, he's called his five closest friends.

None of them know an attorney they can recommend.

His wife is also horrified.

She agrees, even before she heals up that she needs to speak to an attorney right away.

She knows she can't go back to her plastic surgeon. 

Especially after the tantrum her husband threw in his office.

She hurriedly tried to find another plastic surgeon to see and evaluate her.

Nobody wanted to touch this other guy's work.

The husband gets one lawyer's number after another.

An entire list.

Then he starts calling.

By the sixth call, he's clearly frustrated.

Nobody wants his wife's case.

He can't understand why.

Each lawyer explains, but he just doesn't hear what they're saying. (Not literally)

Each lawyer tells him something similar.

Each lawyer gives him a different reason (excuse) why they won't or can't take her case.

"It's too early."

"I don't know the full extent of her damages yet."

"I don't take plastic surgery cases because they are always elective and no doctor will ever guarantee a result."

Finally, when calling lawyer number seven, he expresses interest.

"I need to get a medical expert to confirm there was wrongdoing. I need to make sure the wrongdoing was a cause of her injuries and I need to show that her injuries are significant and/or permanent," the attorney says.

"That's all fine," the husband says, but I need for you to guarantee me that you will win this case! I need you to guarantee me this son of a bitch doctor never practices medicine ever again!" he says with anger.

The attorney responds immediately.

"Sorry, I can't help you. You need to find someone else."

This is what the husband had said to every attorney he had spoken to.

Every lawyer, to their credit, said the same thing in reply.

Just like no doctor can ever guarantee a particular result, no attorney can ever guarantee a particular outcome. 


Besides, it would be unethical for an attorney to make such a guarantee.

It would be improper for an attorney to guarantee a result.

There is no possible way any lawyer in NY can ever guarantee an outcome.

However, you should know that the best lawyers in New York do make some guarantees.

These guarantees have nothing to do with the outcome.

Instead, they have to do with how you are treated as a client.

It has to do with customer service.

It has to do with personal service.

Here are some examples of guarantees that really good attorneys can and do make...

I guarantee that when you call my office you will not be asked to spell your name.

I guarantee that when you call my office, you will speak to a senior trial attorney and not some paralegal or junior associate.

I guarantee that if I'm not available when you call, I will return your call within 24 hours.

I guarantee to give you my cell phone if you have a pressing legal question.

I guarantee my shoes will be highly polished and shined every time I walk into a courtroom.

I guarantee that when I get on a phone call with you, I promise to give you my undivided and uninterrupted attention.

Those are guarantees that attorneys SHOULD make, but unfortunately, many do not.

To learn more about attorney guarantees, I invite you to watch the quick video below...



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