I find it amazing.

Marketing gurus tell lawyers what they should write about.

Video guys tell lawyers what they think their ideal clients want to watch.

It baffles me.

It's astonishing what nonsense is peddled as being good content for consumers.

Let's say for a moment you are looking to hire the best attorney to represent you in your legal problem.

Maybe you were in a car accident.

Maybe you suffered significant injury because of a doctor's improper medical care.

Maybe someone in your family died because of someone else's carelessness.

In your quest for the right attorney for you and your possible case, you realize you don't know any attorney.

You realize you don't have any friends who've had similar experiences who could now recommend a trusted attorney to you.

Your next step is likely going online to do a Google search.

Your search results reveal lots of lawyer websites, articles, blog posts and videos.

How do you really know which one is right for you?

Among the search results you notice that there are a number of videos and articles by attorneys describing what motivated them to become an attorney at the age of five.

My question to you is: “Do you really care what motivated someone to become an attorney?”

Let me put it in perspective...

Will that information help you decide whether this attorney is right for you and your case?

Will that information help you determine whether this attorney has the right experience handling your specific type of matter?

Will that information teach you anything about how your particular matter works?

The answer is no, no, and no.

If this information is not relevant to you and to your case, why do marketing gurus and lawyers become so gullible and put out content that their ideal clients and consumers simply don't care about?

It's because they don't truly understand who their ideal client is.

They don't truly understand what their ideal client is looking for when searching for information about how to hire the right attorney for your case.

To learn even more, I invite you watch the quick video below... 

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