You went in for a simple procedure.

Your doctor reassured you.

He told you this would be a simple in and out procedure.

You agreed to have the procedure.

Your expectation was that this would be a routine matter.

Except it wasn't.

There were problems during the procedure.

There were complications during the procedure.

You are now in the hospital recuperating and have been told you will be there for another two weeks.

Every day you anxiously await the arrival of your doctor.

The doctor who performed your procedure.

The doctor who reassured you.

Except he doesn't show up.


Everyone makes excuses about where he is.

“He's seeing patients.”

“He's doing an emergency procedure.”

“He's on vacation.”

No phone call.

No visit from him.

Yes, he sends his associate.

Yes, he sends his partner.

Yes, he sends the doctor in training, known as a resident.

Yes, he sends in specialists and rehabilitation experts.

Yes, he sends in nurses.

But, he never shows up.

That's frustrating.

It's aggravating.

You want to speak to him personally.

When you call his service, they also make excuses.

You are sitting in the hospital bed and want answers.

You want answers from the doctor who reassured you before your surgery.

Each day you get more and more frustrated.

Where is he? Why hasn't he called? Why hasn't he shown up to visit me?

All of these are valid questions.

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