Mediator Ticks Me Off- Almost Ruins Negotiation in NY Medical Malpractice Case

Justin Pandelo Great story Gerry! That was an order taker, not a negotiator. Nice to see a pro with conviction whom confidently embraces the situation for their clients best interests. The first sign of concession is blood in the water. Way to maintain! Enjoy Sanibel!

Gerry Oginski Thanks Justin. I know some attorneys would simply have gone along with her strategy which was just wrong, wrong and even more wrong.

Justin Pandelo You and your videos have been a great gift for me personally Gerry, I've had an issue with many attorneys I've encountered. They lacked conviction and only cared about compensation. You have restored my hope in attorneys over the past year or so. I see your passion for the law. I'm beginning to understand it myself now. Thanks for the great content, the inspiration, and the passion. 

Your videos are a virtual mentorship program for guys like me going it pro se. When I do hire counsel for upcoming cases, you have provided me an invaluable education with which to confer intelligently on legal strategy and applications of the law. From the bottom of my heart, thanks Gerry. You'll never know what a game changer you have been for me here in NJ & FL courts. Enjoy the beach my man!

Gerry Oginski Thanks for your really kind words Justin. You've made my day!

Justin Pandelo Thanks Gerry, its no BS either. In studying your videos I developed my oral arguments. I have been complimented on record by judges several times being told my briefs and arguments were far better than most pro se's they've encountered. My internal dialogue was:  *Whoa!!!, If he only knew I modeled my arguments off of marathon YouTube watching sessions and channeling Gerry Oginski, he'd laugh me out of court* Glad it made your day. Gotta give the props where they are due though. lol

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