You've finally settled your case.

At least that's what your attorney has said.

"Your case just settled," he says.

After two long years of hard-fought litigation.

The defense fought you tooth and nail.

They claimed their doctor did nothing wrong.

They claimed their doctor didn't cause you any injury.

They claimed your injury wasn't significant or permanent.

That's what they were claiming as their defenses.

But, you knew better.

You knew, in your heart of heart that your doctor did something wrong.

You knew he was careless.

Not intentional, just careless.


It was medical error.

Your medical expert confirmed your doctor violated the basic standards of good medical care.

As a result of those departures from good care, you suffered signficiant injury.

Permanent injury.

Your case was being prepared for trial.

Your attorney told you the risks of going to trial.

You were fully prepared.

You were getting ready to testify.

You were getting all psyched up to go through a grueling two week trial.

Here in New York.

The trial judge invited the attorneys to talk to him about your case.

He wanted to know if there was any way the case could be settled.

For the first time ever, the defense acknowledged they were open to possibility of settling your case.

After all this time.

After all this posturing.

After all the denying.

You gave your attorney authority to settle your case.

He finally calls you after a long day in court.

He's thrilled.

He's thrilled for you.

You got the number you wanted.


Now, your lawyer tells you that you have to sign a bunch of papers to finalize your settlement.

He tells you the money will take about 3-4 weeks to get to his office after you sign all the settlement papers.

Every day of those 3-4 weeks, you're anxiously awaiting word on when your check will arrive.

You're waiting for that email alerting you to when your attorney will get that settlement check.

Day after day you wait.

It's all you do lately.

You think about that check.

About what you're going to do with it.

After your lawyer is paid his expenses and his fee of course.

Your money is tax free.

This is your compensation for the injuries you suffered because of your doctor's carelessness.


But how exactly do you know when or if the doctor's insurance company has sent the settlement check to your lawyer?

How do you know if your attorney has received the check, but is taking his sweet time getting your money to you?

To learn the answer, I invite you to watch the quick video below...

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