Our children are the most important things in the world. We do anything for our kids. We protect them. We watch out for them. We nurture them, we kiss them goodbye in the morning, and we tuck them into bed at night.

Unfortunately, kids get injured all the time. Whether through carelessness or accidents. Our hearts break when a child is hurt. The question that must be answered is: "Why did your child get hurt?"

How did the injury happen? Could this have been prevented. Who, if anyone, is responsible for your child's injuries? Cases involving injuries to babies and children are similar to an adult's case. There are however important distinctions you need to be aware of:

  1. The time to start a lawsuit for a baby or a child is significantly different than for an adult. You generally have more time, BUT EACH CASE IS DIFFERENT. You must discuss the specific facts with me to confirm the time frame in which you have to bring a lawsuit. The earlier you learn this information, the better off you'll be. DO NOT DELAY in trying to find out this information. Also, do not rely on your friend or neighbor to tell you what the statute of limitations is for your child's case. You may be jeopardizing your child's legal rights by relying on such information.
  2. Another major difference with children's cases is that the Court must approve any settlement involving an infant, toddler or a child under the age of 18. The Courts supervise cases with children very carefully. Everyone agrees that money that is supposed to compensate the injured child must not and cannot be squandered by good-intentioned parents and guardians. The Courts make sure the money is put into a safe investment, and when the child reaches majority (18 in New York) he or she can take the money and do as they wish. Often times in cases with children, structured settlements are used to help children manage and control their awards. (Take a look at the FAQ page for further information about structured settlements).


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