One company is saying they have created a new drug that has proven successful in treating certain cancers. The drug is derived from rainforest plant material.

Fox news reports on the new drug.

The new medicine is gaining a great deal of attention because it is said to cure many different types of tumors. Trials show that the drug is able to cure tumors in the head, neck, and colon.

Which company led the study?

“The scientists, at QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Brisbane conducted the pre-clinical trial and found that a single injection of the drug EBC-46 caused a rapid breakdown of certain cancerous tumors.

"In most cases the single injection treatment caused the loss of viability of cancer cells within four hours, and ultimately destroyed the tumors," said Dr. Boyle, of the QIMR Berghofer’s cancer drug mechanisms group, said in a news release. "In more than 70 percent of pre-clinical cases, the response and cure was long-term and enduring, with very little relapse over a period of 12 months’,” according to Fox.

The drug is made from a blush wood tree found in the rainforest, particularly in Australian rainforests.

How does the drug work so well? Clinical trials show that it cuts off blood supply to the tumor.

Is the drug already in practice at all?

Yes, actually veterinarians have already used the experimental drug to truncate and demolish tumors in animals including dogs, cats and horses, the news release noted. Clinical trials on animals are already underway in the United States and Australia. But right now the drug can only be tested on tumors that can take a direct injection of it.

Health canal also reports on the new drug. They elaborate on the composition of the drug, saying it is derived from the seeds of a rainforest plant. 

“The drug is being developed as a human and veterinary pharmaceutical through EcoBiotics’ subsidiary company QBiotics. The experimental drug has been used by practicing veterinarians to successfully destroy or shrink tumours in pets – including dogs, cats and horses. In most cases the single injection treatment caused the loss of viability of cancer cells within four hours, and ultimately destroyed the tumours,” according to Health Canal.

The Global Post also reported on the new discovery. The article elaborates on the drug’s ability to cure solid cancer tumors.

“QBiotics is currently undertaking formal veterinary clinical trials with EBC-46 in Australia and the US. A final regulatory approval is still required for a human Phase I clinical trial. Boyle says QIMR Berghofer is keen to pursue further research to determine if EBC-46 could be made more effective,” according to Global Post.

The drug is not applicable to metastatic cancers yet.

While the new drug is gaining steam, researchers in the United Kingdom are currently focusing on cancer prevention methods such as a cancer gene test. The BBC reports on the importance of furthering cancer prevention methods first.

“Genetic screening of tumours would save lives and would be cost-effective for the NHS, a new study has confirmed. Lynch syndrome raises the risk of developing cancer, particularly bowel cancer and womb and ovarian cancers. Close relatives have a 50% chance of Lynch syndrome but can be offered risk-reducing measures, such as regular colonoscopies, if they are identified early,” according to the BBC.

The researchers are encouraging people who do not normally get tested to do so, such as those under fifty. Usually people do not even start going for colonoscopies until they are fifty or fifty-five years of age.

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