He was a kind doctor.

He was a sweet and gentle doctor.

She loved going to him.

She'd been going to him for 10 years.

He always said the nicest things to her.

She felt good every time she went, even though many times she didn't feel good.

It wasn't until about a year after her last visit did she realize something was wrong.

She went to her doctor with a specific complaint.

He recognized immediately that she needed to see an expert.

The expert asked her how long this problem have been going on.

She mentioned that it had been going on for the past two or three years.

In fact, she told her regular treating doctor about it every time she would go, approximately every three or four months.

Her new specialist couldn't understand how her primary care doctor missed this.

It was so obvious.

Anyone with these complaints and clinical findings would have immediately been sent out for additional tests.

Had that been done, this would have been detected earlier.

Her treatment could have started earlier.

Her prognosis would have been better.

Her treating medical specialist told her “If this was me, I would seriously consider seeing a medical malpractice lawyer right away.”

That prompted her to reach out to me.

That prompted her to tell me her story.

That prompted her to tell me that she trusted her doctor.

She told me she loved her doctor.

She brought him gifts at holiday time.

He was so sweet.

However, her treating specialist told her she needed to speak to an attorney right away.

That's why she was talking with me.

When I told her she likely had a valid case, she told me she didn't want to sue her primary care doctor.

“He's such a nice man!”

"That may be true," I replied but here's the reality...

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