You were badly injured.

Because of someone's carelessness.

You decide to exercise your legal rights.

You go ahead and file a lawsuit.

You know your injuries are significant.

You know your injuries are disabling.

However, the defense doesn't know.

The defense has not reviewed all your medical records.

The defense has not seen what you can and cannot do during your day.

Even after they question you during your pretrial testimony, they don't believe you.

They don't believe your medical doctors.

They don't believe you are as badly injured as you claim to be.

The defense hires a private investigator.

Without your knowledge.

They have one goal.

To show you are lying.

The private investigator is tasked to follow you for one or two days.


Without you knowing about it.

He is told to videotape you every time he sees you. Doing any activity he can see.

His goal is to capture you on videotape doing those activities you claim you cannot do.

Will he be successful?

There are some cases where a private investigator does obtain video footage that clearly disputes and contradicts what an injured victim is claiming.

That's not good.

Not good for your case.

Not good for your credibility.

On the other hand, there are many instances where the defense tries to obtain hidden surveillance video of an injured victim and realizes that the victim is significantly injured.

There are other instances where the defense catches you on hidden video and claims that you are still faking it. In those instances, we may be able to use the surveillance video to our advantage.

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