You might think this was highly unusual.

You might think that opposing trial lawyers could never agree on any set of facts.

In some cases this is true.

However, you will find the best trial lawyers tend to agree on most of the facts in an accident case, a medical malpractice case or even a wrongful death case.

The reality is that there will always be disputed facts in a lawsuit.

For example...

We claim a doctor violated the basic standards of medical care, and they claim they didn't.

We claim a careless driver crossed over the double yellow line causing a head-on collision, they claim they didn't.

We claim that a defective product cause someone's death. They claim it didn't.

When these disputes arise, it typically will require an impartial jury to evaluate the competing set of facts to determine who is more likely right than wrong.

However, you will find that most attorneys are able to agree on a sequence of facts leading up to the key issue in the case. There are often times when most of the facts after the incident has occurred can also be agreed upon.

That means that there are only a few key issues for the jury to actually resolve.

By whittling down the disputed facts, we get the jury to focus on the key disputes in the case.

Keep in mind this does not minimize severity of the dispute. Instead, it allows the jury to focus only on those issues that are disputed.

To learn even more, I encourage you to watch the quick video below...

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