I was listening to a marketing video today and this brilliant marketer was explaining how remarkable your business would be if you actually thought about only being able to get paid for results.

This marketer wanted the viewer to focus on how he could improve his business so dramatically to give the best possible experience and the best possible service he could.

For most businesses and companies that produce items to sell, they don't get paid for results.

They get paid for the transaction.

They get paid when a person decides to purchase their item or service.

If the consumer is unhappy with the product or service, then they can try and get their money back.

This marketer turned the question around.

What if you bought a a weight-loss product and only paid for it if you actually saw a drop in your weight?

Let's say you had to actually use the product and use it successfully in order to drop 10 pounds. Once you dropped 10 pounds then you'd have to pay.

How many people do you think would actually 'buy' this weight loss product if they only had to pay for it when it produced results and they lost weight? I'll bet tons of people would 'buy' this product. I also would bet that the company would go out of business since they wouldn't get paid.


Because most of those people wouldn't actually use the product to the point where they lost ten pounds.

Let's say I wanted to buy a marketing program on CD and DVD. 

What if I only paid for that program if I got the results it promised? That would be wild. I could order it. Read it. Implement it. If it didn't generate the promised return on my investment then I wouldn't have to pay for it. How cool would that be. It's like trying out a product to see if it works and produces results before you actually have to pay for it.

This would be a dramatic game changer for most consumers.

What does this have to do with attorneys and injured victims here in NY?

Actually, it has everything to do with lawyers and their ideal clients and consumers.

Let's go back to the original question in this article.

“Imagine if an attorney only got paid if he was successful in getting you a result.”

Let's take a look at how injured victims pay their attorneys in New York.

When you suffer an injury because of someone else's carelessness whether it's through a careless driver who caused your car accident or a careless doctor who improperly performed a medical procedure, when you hire an attorney to represent you in your lawsuit in New York, you never have to lay out any money to hire the attorney.

In fact, lawyers who handle injury and accident cases in New York do not charge an hourly fee to represent an injured victim.

Instead, every lawyer in New York who handles these types of personal injury and medical malpractice cases work on a contingency fee.

What is their fee contingent upon?

It's contingent upon your attorney getting results for you. It's contingent upon him being successful. It's contingent upon him obtaining compensation for you for all the harms and injuries you suffered.

Let's go back to the headline of the article again.

“Imagine if an attorney only got paid if he was successful in getting you a result.”

When an attorney takes on an injured victim's case, that's exactly what happens.

Nobody pays your attorney for the entire duration that your lawsuit goes on. Nobody pays him an hourly fee. Nobody gives him a retainer at the beginning of your case.

It's as if the attorney is working on credit and for free for many years.

The attorney is putting in his sweat, tears, energy and resources to prosecute your case.

Why would he do that?

For the specific reason that he is striving to achieve a result for you in your case.

We are results driven.

We only earn money in these types of cases if we obtain results for you.

Going back to the marketing video I was listening to, this marketer asked the key question “What would you do differently if you were only getting paid for your results?”

That question was designed to get business owners to internalize in their mind what they could possibly do differently in their business that would make their service or product so amazing and be so effective only if their product or service got results.

At first, while I was listening to that, I didn't even recognize that could be applied to lawyers and law firms. Only when I started to think about how an attorney could use that to improve his service for his ideal clients did I immediately recognize that this is what we do every single day.

The reality is that a personal injury and medical malpractice lawyer in New York only gets paid if he can achieve a successful result for an injured victim.

If we are not successful, that means we have now spent 2-3 years prosecuting a case and we have spent money out of our own pocket for all of the expenses necessary to prosecute your case from the beginning till the end. Depending upon the type of case, that could range from a few thousand dollars to many many thousands of dollars or more.

For those injured victims who are looking to get a better deal and price shop attorneys to see who is going to give them the best fee arrangement, you should know that every lawyer charges the same exact fee in New York for accident cases. You should also know that every lawyer in New York charges the same fee in medical malpractice cases.

To learn even more about how attorney's fees work here in New York, I invite you to watch the video below...



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