You were hurt badly.

In a car crash.

It wasn't your fault.

You were a back seat passenger.

Minding your own business.

You were just going to your friend's house.

In another friend's car.

There was no alcohol involved.

There were no drugs involved.

It was daytime.

You were wearing your seatbelt.

Yet you were crushed by an oncoming car.

A car that never should have been there.

A car that went through a red light.

He ignored the traffic light.

Yet, here you are, holed up in the hospital.

You have tubes coming out of your right arm.

You have tubes with liquid going into your left arm.

You have a heart monitor attached to you.

You hear the continuous beeping, confirming the fact that your heart is still working.

You look down and see your entire right leg is in a cast from your groin all the way down to your toes.

Outside your cast is some metal lego erector set.

It's firmly attached to the inside of your leg through your cast.

A nurse brings you a mirror and you're horrified to see cuts and gashes all over your face and head.

The biggest cut took 215 stitches to sew up. 

You look like Frankenstein in a horror movie where his neck is attached with a zipper.

Something is wrapped around your belly and you can't even get up.

You can't even get up to go to the bathroom.

You can't figure out how you're going to do it.

You learn from the nurse that there's a tube in your urethra that's taking all the urine away without the need to get up and urinate.

"What about going #2?" you ask.

The nurse tells you that when you feel the need, which won't be for a while because of all the pain medication you're taking, then just ring the call bell and she'll be there with a bed pan.

You're mortified.

Going to the bathroom in a pan, in bed??

"Who will wipe for me?" You wonder.

There's also this tube going into your nose that you want to pull out.

The nurse says to fight the urge. It's helping you breathe.

You again begin to wonder how you got here and what you did to deserve this.

You wrack your tortured brain trying to glean the answer and come up with nothing. Nada. Zip.

You were just sitting in the back seat looking around and minding your own business as you were passing through this intersection.

The next thing you knew, you were in the intensive care unit.

You were told about the massive trauma you suffered.

You learned you needed emergency surgery to fix the broken bones in your leg. 

The bones were sticking out in four different places, at different angles.

Your chest was crushed in.

You had internal bleeding.

You needed emergency surgery.

The doctors needed to remove some parts of your organs.

You heard something about your spleen and liver. 

You don't remember much else of what they told you.

When you woke up again, a nurse told you it was three days later.

You said "I've never slept more than 9 hours at any time, how could I have been asleep for 3 days!"

"It's the medication dear. You were almost killed in that car accident and your body suffered tremedous shock."

Everybody who walks into your room has that same horrified look on their face when they see you.

They feel for you.

They feel bad for you.

They can only look on helplessly while you lie there in obvious pain.

During one of these visits from your family, someone says "We should sue the bastard for what he did to you!"

"You didn't deserve this," another says.

"This is going to change your life," another well meaning family member says.

"There's only one problem," a family elder says.

"We don't know any injury lawyers."

None of the family knows a personal injury attorney.

They never needed one.

Nor do they know anyone who ever used one.

One family member says "There must be tons of lawyer commercials on during daytime TV. Let's just call the first one we see on TV. We're sitting here anyway not doing anything."

Another, more reasoned family member says "Hold do we know that an attorney we see for only 30 seconds in a commercial is the right one for her and her case?"

"Why isn't the next attorney in the next commercial the better one for us?"

"I see an attorney advertise on a billboard every time I go in to work. We could call him just as easily," he says.

"I know that jingle from this law firm in New York City whenever I listen to the Howard Stern show on satellite radio. Why don't we call them?"

Still another family member says that she sees attorney's advertising themselves in the NY Post from time to time. "Shouldn't we try one of those lawyers before calling someone from TV or a billboard?


They don't know an attorney.

Nor do they know someone who has used an attorney for this problem.

That means there is nobody whom they trust who could refer them to a trusted lawyer.

At this point, they are all beginning to see they have a legal problem.

This young girl was tragically injured in a car wreck that she had the misfortune to be involved in.

They need to find a lawyer to help answer their questions about whether she can bring a lawsuit and get compensated for her injuries and losses.

Here's their problem...

They don't know where to start.

They don't know what questions to ask.

They don't know where to look.

They are grasping for answers and hoping the first things that catch their attention will provide the solution.

The reality is that there is a small possibility it may provide a solution.

On the other hand, there is a good possibility it will not.

How much information do you think this family can get from a lawyer in a 30 second TV commercial?

Same question for a 15 second radio jingle.

What information will help this family decide if each of these advertising attorneys is right for them?

The reality is that most of these advertisements share very little information to teach and educate an injured victim or their family about how these accidents work here in NY.

A TV ad does nothing to educate a consumer.

Instead, it only screams at you that you need to call now.

A radio ad does the same thing.

A billboard ad does even less. 

Often a billboard just has a gruesome photo, the name of the lawyer and some 800 number.

What do those ads do to help an injured victim understand which lawyer is right for them?

You might think that any personal injury lawyer can handle a car crash case.

That is true.

But did you know that not every attorney is the same?

Did you know that not every attorney has the same skill level?

Did you know that not every attorney has the same success with similar cases?

How many of these attorneys take the time to teach and educate you about how these types of cases work BEFORE you ever pick up the phone to call?

Wouldn't you like to learn what questions you SHOULD BE asking each attorney you speak to?

Wouldn't you like to learn how car accident cases work BEFORE you ever set foot in an attorney's office?

Don't you want to know how a personal injury attorney gets paid in these accident cases in NY?

Wouldn't it be helpful to see, hear and read what other former clients had to say about this attorney and this law firm?

Choosing an attorney to help you after a car accident is not easy.

Wouldn't it be helpful to learn from the attorney you're considering before hiring him or his law firm?

Does the attorney have helpful videos that explain how these accident cases work?

Do you get to see, hear and learn from each attorney?

Does the law firm give away for FREE books that they've written BEFORE you make an appointment to see an attorney?

Do they give you free reports that help you understand what to do and importantly, what not to do?

The impulse to simply call and hire the first attorney you see in a TV ad while sitting around the intensive care unit watching your relative or spouse helplessly is strong.

Before you impulsively do that, ask yourself what you know about this lawyer and this law firm?

What have you learned from his advertisement that helps you make an educated decision about whether this lawyer is right for you and your family?

If the answer is nothing or very little, then you need to keep looking.

As you search for the right attorney to help solve your legal problem, I invite you to explore the videos below that talk about guarantees that some lawyers make and some don't...

Or how about this guarantee...

Or what about this guarantee...

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