You can find thousands of personal injury lawyers in New York. Many thousands. All promising to do the same thing.

All those lawyers promise to handle your car accident case well and "Get you the money you deserve!"

What a crock. That phrase "Get you the money you deserve" has been mocked so many times by comedians and critics that it really is awful and here's why...

What if you don't deserve any money?

Does that mean that your attorney won't get you any money? Truly, if you don't deserve to be compensated for the harms and losses you suffered then obviously, you shouldn't even be bringing a lawsuit.

More importantly, if thousands upon thousands of lawyers all handle accident and personal injury cases here in New York, how do you know which lawyer is right for you? Especially if you don't know an attorney and don't know someone you trust who can refer you to a reputable attorney?

One way is to talk to a few attorneys and see which one you feel most comfortable with. But more than that, you need to know what each attorney and law firm is leaving out.

What do I mean by "leaving things out?"

Let me give you an example...

Let's say you see some TV ads about attorneys for car accidents. You decide to call the first one you see. Put aside the question for the moment that you might actually hire an attorney just because you saw a 30 second TV ad where the attorney hasn't given you any real information to educate you about your case and focus on what they're not doing.

When you call that lawyer you saw on TV, ask the receptionist the following series of questions:

  • If I come in, will I meet with Mr. Lawyer, the one who was speaking in the TV ad?
  • Will Mr. Lawyer, the one in the ad, be the one who handles my case on a day-to-day basis?
  • Will Mr. Lawyer be with me at my pretrial deposition?
  • Will Mr. Lawyer be the one who tries to negotiate my case with the insurance company?
  • Will Mr. Lawyer be the one who actually tries my case if it goes all the way to trial?

I guarantee you will be surprised at the answers. Rather than being satisifed, you may be shocked to learn what this law firm does not provide to you.

Let's say you find an ad in the newspaper for an accident attorney.

Read the ad carefully. What does it really say?

Does it explain how they're different from the thousands and thousands of other personal injury lawyers in New York? Does it say they 'fight hard' for you? Does it say 'we care'? Does it say 'we're aggressive'? Does it say 'we offer free parking'? How do these catchphrases help you, the consumer, determine if this lawyer and this law firm is right for you?

Doesn't every lawyer fight hard for you? Doesn't every attorney care about you and their other clients?

More importantly, look to see what they're leaving out...

  • Every lawyer says the same nonsense
  • How are they different from all the other lawyers who do the same thing?
  • What have you actually learned from reading their ad in the newspaper?
  • Have they taught you anything about how your particular case works BEFORE you ever pick up the phone and call?
  • Have they educated you about how your type of case works?
  • Do they have any free books you can read to learn more about your type of case?
  • Do they have free reports you can download immediately to see how your case works?
  • Do they have hundreds and thousands of great educational videos to teach you how these cases work here in NY?

In all likelihood, these lawyers are leaving out so much. They are likely not taking the time to teach and educate you about your type of case. If true, why would you ever consider a law firm that leaves out so much?

If every personal injury and accident lawyer handles accident cases, and each of those lawyers have achieved good results in the past, how can you make an educated decision about which one of those thousands of lawyers is the best attorney for you?

The reality is that you'll have a very difficult time doing so.

Instead of looking to see what each of them does...which as you see, is pretty much the same thing as all the others, focus instead on what they're leaving out.

Remember, your goal as an injured victim trying to find the right attorney for you is to learn as much as you can 

  • BEFORE you ever call an attorney and
  • BEFORE you ever walk into an attorney's office 


So that you'll be able to make an educated decision about which attorney is right for you. 

Read the books the attorney offers. Read his free reports. Watch his videos. Learn how your type of case works. Then, when you understand more about your specific case, then you can decide which attorney is right for you.

As you continue your search, keep in mind what you've found here on my educational website...

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Why do I do this?

Simple. So that you can become an educated consumer. So you can make the best decisions for what you need to do next.

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