Posted on Jul 25, 2013

Many people through-out the city ride their bikes on a daily basis. Some ride for enjoyment and others genuinely need their bikes for transportation purposes. Usually drivers use extra caution when driving in the city because there are many bike riders and pedestrians. But unfortunately not every single driver utilizes a heightened level of caution which thus causes accidents to occur.

A man was riding on his bicycle in Queens early Wednesday morning. He was at the intersection of Northern Boulevard and Broadway in Woodside when tragedy struck. According to ABC News a speeding car hit him while he was riding his bike and then the vehicle fled the scene.

The victim was found on the side of the road in critical condition. ABC News reports that he was taken to Elmhurst Hospital for emergency medical treatment. His current health condition status is unknown as this time.

Authorities stayed on the scene for hours trying to gather evidence. The victim was mainly unresponsive because of his condition and they could not gather any information from him. Based on the evidence they have gathered police believe the victim was struck by a dark colored car, possibly a livery cab. Authorities are urging anyone with information to come forward and help with the investigation by calling the police department.



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