Posted on Jun 12, 2013

We park our cars on city streets every day not expecting to have any problem with getting into them. Would you ever expect to lose your leg in just a matter of seconds when getting into your car? That is exactly what happened to one Bronx woman in a freak accident on Monday.

A Bronx woman was trying to get into her parked silver Infiniti when a Volkswagen Jetta came zipping down East Tremont Avenue. The Jetta veered to avoid hitting a car that was making a turn. When he swerved he instead hit a black car which caused the woman to get trapped against her own car thus severing her leg. The accident shocked bystanders.

The NY Post reported a bystander stating, “ It was awful, the blood was gushing everywhere. The EMS used the jaws of life to separate the two cars, as they did out of the bottom dropped her leg.” This woman’s life is changed forever from this horrific accident.

According to the Post, witnesses state that the driver stayed on the scene. Three people were injured and taken to Jacobi Medical Center. The woman with the severed leg had the most serious injury out of all the victims.

Unfortunately, accidents like this happen every day. This woman has lost one of her legs for the rest of her life and will incur massive medical bills for surgery and then physical therapy. She will have to go through much pain learning how to walk again on a prosthetic leg.

Who do you think bears responsibility for this horrific accident that will leave this woman forever disabled?

How can reckless driving be prevented?  


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