Posted on Apr 22, 2012
A terrible string of accidents marred Brooklyn at the end of last month, putting at least the lives of an octogenarian and elderly cyclist in danger.

80-year-old Tommy Saladino was in his black Mercedes-Benz when he crashed into a school bus and fled down 18th Avenue around 4:20pm on Wednesday, March 21. Then, while speeding on 73rd St. near 18th Ave., Mr. Saladino rammed into a 67-year-old cyclist.

The cyclist, who lost his helmet and shoes upon impact, was propelled into the windshield of a parked car and finally rolled onto the sidewalk. He suffered cardiac arrest and was taken to Maimonides Hospital.

Meanwhile, Saladino continued on to crash into a Range Rover, where he finally came to a stop.

As if the scene wasn't terrible enough, the biker's daughter was working at the salon just across the street. A witness said she was in shock and was told not to move her father before paramedics arrived.

Saladino, incidentally, is the owner of a nearby shop, Continental Shoes. He remained in his car and was helped out of it by emergency crews. He was taken to Lutheran Medical Center and was expected to be charged with leaving the scene of both crashes.


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