Posted on Nov 03, 2011
Colonoscopies -- normally considered safe procedures -- have come under fire thanks to a new analysis presented this Tuesday at the American College of Gastroenterology in Washington DC. Of all the relevant procedures covered in the study, colonoscopies carried the most "adverse events" in recent years.

Of approximately one million annual colonoscopies in New York, about half take place outside the hospital. Negative outcomes from these, as well as from gynecologic operations, upper endoscopies, and other invasive procedures were mandated to be reported to the NYS Health Department since 2008 -- a quirk only of New York law. This was the data studied.

In all, the figures indicated 391 complications associated with colonoscopies, including 43 following combined colonoscopy-upper endoscopy procedures. 134 patients had to be moved immediately for treatment at a different hospital. Still 212 others had to go to the hospital for treatment days or weeks later.

Nine patients died within two days of their colonoscopy. The reasons for the hospitalizations or deaths included "heart and breathing impairments, complications linked to pre-existing disorders, seizures, infections and allergic reactions." Eleven spleens were lacerated, while others suffered perforated colons and other issues.

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