Posted on Jun 29, 2013

People commonly go bike riding in a park during the summer time while the weather is enjoyable. One cyclist decided to do this common activity Friday morning in Brooklyn. But unfortunately he never made it home.

A man went for a bike ride in Sunset Park on Friday morning. When he was at the intersection of Sixty-Fifth Street and Sixth Avenue he was suddenly run down by a flatbed truck. The flatbed truck was making a turn at the intersection. Witnesses state that it did not even seem like the truck driver noticed the man came under it. Authorities also believe this is a possibility as the weight of the truck was so vast in comparison with the man.

The accident happened around nine forty in the morning which made it even more surprising to authorities. The cyclist should have been more visible to the truck driver in the morning time as it is broad daylight outside.

The biker was in his sixties and he was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. The accident has been categorized as a hit and run. Authorities are looking for the driver and the truck. Witnesses were shocked by the accident.

One witness who felt particularly saddened by the accident told the New York Post, “I think the flatbed didn’t even notice or feel that he hit someone. It was just sad because the guy was probably just going out for a nice ride, enjoying the weather.” He also said, “Usually there’s always traffic cops here. If they would’ve been here, it would’ve been prevented.” There have not been any comments from the victim’s family yet. 

Authorities have not commented on whether the city was at fault in not having the usual traffic cops in place. The investigation is ongoing.

If you witnessed this tragic accident, you are encouraged to contact the police and let them know you were a witness. Alternatively, you can contact us and we can contact the police on your behalf. 



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