Posted on May 21, 2014

Lung transplants are considered to be among some of the most difficult types of transplant surgeries. But one group of surgeons has made it look easy.

CBS news reports on five lung transplant surgeries.

Lung transplant surgery is difficult to perform. One group of surgeons have done an excellent job in performing five miraculous lung transplant surgeries.

The surgeons are from Loyola University in Chicago. The five patients are of various ages and have various backgrounds. The results show that the surgery can be successfully performed on people of all ages.

CBS explains, “Five people from all walks of life -- a special ed teacher, a judge, a grandmother, an executive director and a 21-year-old woman -- each received a breath of fresh air and a new chance at life, thanks to organ donation and a ground-breaking series of operations. A team of 30 doctors and nurses at Loyola University Health System near Chicago worked for more than 24 hours straight, performing five transplants with the lungs from three donors.”

The surgeons were thrilled with the results.

Dr. Schwartz, director of the surgical department at Loyola, issued a statement saying, “None of this obviously is possible without loved ones and patients and people willing to donate their organs and they're the true heroes along with our five recipients here today.”

The patients feel incredibly blessed about the success of their surgeries.

CBS reports on their reactions, “Julie D'Agostino and Robert Senander each received a lung from the same donor. ‘It was a miracle that I even got the lungs,’ said D'Agostino. ‘The whole thing is rather amazing, that this has all happened, in the matter of a week,’ said Senander as he started to cry.”


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